Silver and the New Decade


The decade from 2000 to 2010 is now forever behind us.

So what is in store for the new decade? 2010 to 2020? The last decade was a good time to prepare and recognize that severe chaos was on the way. And that chaos is like a boiler slowly building up pressure.

It is simply amazing how quickly the world can turn upside down as we have begun to witness these past few years. There still is time to get your house in order if you act quickly. Silver is used very much in industry as well as for investment purposes. Most of the silver produced from mines is consumed by industry demand every year.

The dollar is on its way down and eventually we will see inflation climb much, much higher. Silver remains a good investment for the simple fact it has been forgotten while everyone else watches the price of gold climb. The normal historical ratio of silver to gold remains far out of whack. Silver just never seems to get the respect gold gets. But that fact takes away none of the value silver represents. 

“Junk” silver is one excellent way to buy silver.  Junk silver represent pre 1964 dimes, quarter, or half dollars. Basically, any coin that used to be made primarily out of silver.
Almost 50 years ago the US began taking silver out of US coins. Today there is no silver content remaining in the US coins minted.

Silver is still very much worth buying and there are many ways you can investment in silver.

Hear about the 2 Persian ships entering the Mediterranean? Birth pains. These are events leading up to the equivalent to the great pain of a child being birthed by his mother. Yes, we call these events merely the beginning trouble to come in this decade. What will be interesting is how many of us will still be standing after 2020. 

The major deterrent that has held the world back from total annihilation has been the threat of what would happen to even the enemy who may deploy itself nuclear weapons. Right now there’s a lot of anger out there. Noticed? The entire Middle East is erupting. And it’s a miracle this hasn’t already happened. Considering the fact that most of these countries only gained their names and geographical boundaries less than 100 years ago.

Silver is worth considering simply because it has not risen to past historical averages. Right now silver is not keeping its ratio with gold. We are witnessing the tightest silver supplies in human history. Demand for silver continues to grow as the monetary system is folding apart world wide.

Investors want to preserve their wealth and they are buying hard assets to do this. Silver is an excellent precious metals investment. Buy as much physical silver as you can. Buy and take possession of all the physical silver you can afford.

Why is silver so special?

Silver is just now getting recognized by potential investors. I suppose the shine of gold on a state capital is always more dazzling than silver. Silver coins are the better way to hold silver. It will be easier to barter a silver coin than a big block of silver bullion. Gold trades every year close to 3 billion ounces.  But the silver market is very much smaller. Only a few hundred million ounces of silver are traded around the world each year.

Gold Letter

The change we are witnessing in the Middle East now is frightening. Most of these Middle Eastern countries were made by the cookie cutters of Europe after World War 1.

I never try and predict an exact future price for any precious metal. But I do believe the odds are very favorable that when inflation really kicks in the price of silver will climb significantly higher.

Today most of the supply of silver is coming from new annual mine supply. Silver has two uses. It is used in industrial applications and bought by investors seeking long term protection for their wealth. It would be a very wise decision to begin immediately acquiring physical silver. Not paper silver, but physical silver.

Silver and gold. Buy it as money. When you buy the physical consider it as savings. And don’t sell. Keep it.


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