Silver Dollar Values Prices Will Be On Steroids In 2011

Jan 09, 2011 – Silver prices and gold prices have taken a breather on the way up the ladder to the roof and beyond.  Most experts predict huge advancements in silver prices and silver dollar values in 2011.  “Most people still have no clue about the potential for the silver metal price.” Robert Kiyosaki, remember “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, made the following future silver price prediction of “$6,000 an ounce silver price in the next couple of years” during an interview on FTM Daily in November.

Kiyosaki goes on to say, “An all out currency war has begun – governments around the world are devaluing their currencies in order to have cheap exports – and are destroying the middle class. The irony is pretty soon, food prices will triple, gas will double, and the CPI will still say we’re running at 2-3% inflation annually.” Visit for more tips.  

He also said, “People are going to by paying so much for what they need, that they will stop shopping, as soon as they do, prices for many goods will start to fall but only for the sake of increasing consumption. And I haven’t even mentioned the next wave of housing foreclosures that will occur in 2011. It’s going to be a very bumpy road the next few years…”  My advice is to prepare as best you can afford.  In my opinion, silver dollar coins and silver bullion is one of the best bets for an easier ride over the bumpy roads ahead. has all the details for an investing decision.

Silver prices have averaged huge increases of over 57% per ounce this year – the greatest level in 30 years. In the event that silver prices are getting upside momentum as well as industrial marketplace demand is still delicate, silver could see powerful demand for traders, even prior to this recession ultimately shows signs of getting over.

Just like all silver prices, the present silver price echoes the inherent worth of silver and also the relative durability of the fundamental fiat currency. If there’s a long-run dependable relationship among gold and silver prices, investors can use this info to predict returns and also, hedgers can make use of these markets as alternatives against comparable kind of risks. Along with this the investments in the direction of silver are gradually growing making silver prices increasing step by step.

Silver dollar values continue their climb along with corresponding silver prices and the increased demand for silver dollars by investors.  Gold coins and silver coins provide an excellent way to protect your money and also allow you to invest in something very solid and tangible; gold coins and silver coins can hold its value through shifting economic conditions. Now is one of the best times in history to invest in silver dollar values with silver dollars.

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