Robert Kiyosaki Explains – The Real Value Of The Dollar Gold Silver

Robert Kiyosaki Explains – The Real Value Of The Dollar Gold Silver , a weak dollar is good for the economy but bad for you ….it is only good for those who own a business the Bs and the Is , but it makes employees and self employees life harder …
An all out currency war has begun – governments around the world are devaluing their currencies in order to have cheap exports – and are destroying the middle class.

The irony is pretty soon, food prices will triple, gas will double, and the CPI will still say we’re running at 2-3% inflation annually.
People are going to by paying so much for what they need, that they will stop shopping, as soon as they do, prices for many goods will start to fall but only for the sake of increasing consumption.
And i havent even mentioned the next wave of housing foreclosures that will occur in 2011.
Its going to be a very bumpy road the next few years…

You can stock up all you want. The last great depression lasted for over 10 years. Can you stock up enough food to last 10 years? Will your silver get you through 10 years?
Best to go after those who gave us all this crap we are having to deal with.
The FED and the banksters were behind all of the economic problems and we allow them to continue screwing us. We need to end the FED and each state start a state bank. No more interest paid and no more private profits for the thieves. What are our exports? GM cars no one wants to buy? Technology and innovation that has moved to China? heavy equipment? Caterpillar is moving to China. “Financial products” ? yeah the world wants the same toxic shit that bankrupted the biggest economy in the world. Even financial firms are moving to China and India. Our biggest export is wars, weapons, pharma and DOLLARS and let’s see for how much longer our fiat trash stays the global currency of choice.


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