Investing in gold and gold stocks

Investing in gold and gold stocks is an excellent way for people to grow and protect their wealth against inflation and uncertain economic times. Successful investors in gold and gold stocks have come to rely on expert market analysis and sound financial advice.

Howard S. Katz, Chief Investment Officer and publisher of The One-Handed Economist is a lifelong gold bug and author of three books on gold, the gold standard and gold investing. Mr Katz’s investment philosophy is rooted in Austrian theory, which he believes correctly defines the role of money, credit and business cycles.

Its time for you to benefit from prudent investment advice on gold and gold stocks. Join other investors from around the world who already subscribe to The One-handed Economist gold investment newsletter.

As a subscriber, you will receive 26 issues of The One-handed Economist covering the latest market developments, technical analysis of gold, the US Dollar and bond market indicators, and specific buy and sell recommendations for gold and gold stocks that comprise the Model Conservative Portfolio.


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