The Latinamerican Far-Right will meet on Wednesday the 17th Nov at the Capitol in Washington

Washington, Nov. 14 – Almost all participants to a meeting to be held on Wednesday 17 November, in a Capitol hearing room in Washington, have had ties to terrorism and in many cases with coups and attempted assassination occurred in Latin America.

Everything indicates that the news should not go public and was an indiscreet conjured who gave the agency Telam Argentina on Friday. Each detail was then confirmed by Bolivian participants and other sources.

The list of major players whose names are known in this way forms the beginning of a true inventory of those who want to manage the destiny of Latin America according to their profile neo-fascist ideas. Here it is:

1 .- The Cuban-American Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen than Republicans in the House have chosen to head the agency in matters of foreign policy. Everyone knows in Miami as the daughter of an apologist for the dictator Fulgencio Batista nostalgic himself elected years ago thanks to a noisy campaign to free the Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch as solidarity with other murderers of the same ilk, Luis Posada Carriles Eduardo Arocena. Ros-Lehtinen has claimed publicly was the assassination of Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Cuba to be turned into “another Iraq.”

2 .- Connie Mack, another scorpion in Miami, which in turn controls all the Latin American policies of the Republicans. Among other misdeeds, Mack also defended furiously alongside Bosch Ros-Lehtinen and the president’s own son, Jeb Bush proposed today to succeed his father Barack Obama.

3 .- Otto Reich, former U.S. ambassador to Caracas, where he managed to get a Bosch from prison to organize after the “push” in the United States despite a long record of terrorist route. Besides having been the special envoy for Latin America of President George W. Bush Reich is famous for having found behind the curtain as in the case of the failed 2002 coup in Venezuela, as in Honduras in 2009 that contributed more than anyone else to legitimize. Reich driving this, remember, the misleading “public diplomacy” of the regime of Ronald Reagan, fighting the Sandinista coup lies.

4 .- Roger Noriega, Undersecretary of State for the region of the same Bush and a leading member of the Cuban mafia. Noriega is so committed to the extreme right was Bushite EEE.UU representative to the Organization of American States. Reich not only friend but also of Elliot Abrams, John Negroponte, and Roger Pardo-Maurer, the “team” that drove Oliver North during the so-called Iran-Contra affair. This “super agent” of the CIA was even suspected of the murder of the Maryknoll misisoneros William Woods, Ite Yado Ford, Maura Clarke and Dorothy Kazel in El Salvador, with Miami-based Cuban-American accomplices and the CIA’s then ambassador to Venezuela in El Salvador , Leopolodo Castillo.

5 .- Sorpresa! It appears there alongside such eminent right-wing members of the fauna of Washington, no less than Alejandro Aguirre, outgoing president of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA). The son of a CIA agent confessed, Aguirre leads the Diario Las Americas in Miami and preaches the “press freedom” while driving this poster communications moguls jealous of their monopoly of information they impose on the continent. Was among the most applauded, with Ros-Lehtinen, the coup in Honduras Roberto Micheletti and more repeated that there was a coup attempt in Ecuador.

6 .- Then comes the Venezuelan party headed by Guillermo Zuloaga, president of the Venezuelan television station Globovision, exacerbated coup, a member of all conspiracies, a fugitive from Venezuelan justice by a series of crimes and host of the Obama administration in Miami, sanctuary terrorists, corrupt politicians, murderers and torturers in Latin America. No doubt it will be accompanied by several copies of emaciated refugees emeritus and now residing in the same Florida.

7 .- José Cárdenas, a former assistant administrator for USAID Latin America (CIA front agency) which succeeded the Cuban con Adolfo Franco, oiling to blow hundreds of thousands of dollars for a whole troop of parasites of the industry ” anti-Castro. ”

8 .- In Bolivia, the president of the opposition Civic Committee of Santa Cruz, Luis Nunez, and the Human Rights Foundation (DHF), Javier El-Hage, both part of the killing of the terrorist conspiracy led by the mercenary Bolivia Eduardo Rózsa Flores-Hungarian, who tried to kill President Evo Morales in April 2009. The FDH was managed from New York by the terrorist Cuban Armando Valladares, the same as then reappeared in Tegucigalpa and will surely be presented Thursday at the Capitol.


According to the note Télam also participate Jaime Daremblum, the Hudson Institute and former U.S. ambassador to Costa Rica, Joseph Humire, Atlas Foundation for Economic Research, Jon (no ‘h’) Perdue, the Global Studies America, and John Walters, former director of the White House Office of Policy for the Control of Drugs (Télam).

All are identified in Washington to be the clan of the extreme right brunt. The pseudo-intellectual Perdue was a witness for the defense of the Argentine lieutenant Roberto Guillermo “El Nato” Bravo, author of the Slaughter of Trelew, a Miami judge released a request for extradition of justice in Argentina.

In analyzing the short story published, observers appreciate that many other names that appear on this list taking against their composition: the same web that leads, logically, to individuals associated with Alejandro Peña Lock, chief of UnoAmerica, the brotherhood fascist currently detained in Caracas for possession of 900 grams of C-4 military explosive.

Need to know who will come from Ecuador, the mutilated Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica … where it develops what could be the first act of another plot.

Height of aberration, the meeting will be held under the theme “Anger in the Andes: threats to democracy, human rights and American security.”

Meetings of supporters of using violence against the leaders and the progressive countries of the continent have taken place on several occasions in Miami, but seems to be the first time such number of individuals linked to the use of terror is assembled on U.S. soil.

The amazing thing is that Washington itself is able to maintain the utmost secrecy even if the activity takes place in the very halls of the House of Representatives of the issuing country, each year, a very official list of “state sponsors of terrorism “with which punishes anyone who opposes their claims of ownership.


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