Venezuela´s Election 26-S:International guests arriving in the country

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Caracas, September 24, 2010 (MPPRE) .- Members of social movements, representatives of leftist parties, writers, workers and intellectuals from around the world and are in Venezuela to participate as invited by the international political United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in parliamentary elections this September 26.

As pointed out in the rules and regulations of the National Electoral Council (CNE), the group of guests will play an agenda for the day of the Parliamentary Elections of September 26, 2010 that includes a conversation about the Venezuelan electoral system and parliamentary elections will be delivered by deputy rector of the CNE, Andres Brito.

Also participate in a meeting with the chief command of the PSUV campaign, Aristobulo Isturiz, made the rounds of the media and visits to various polling stations in the central region will witness the first newsletter issue of the election, among other activities .

Are confirmed by Antigua and Barbuda, Edward UPP Party representative Alem, Argentina: Andres Larroque, Secretary General of the Youth Group Campora-Front for Victory, Guillermo Quintero’s Frente para la Victoria and Rafael Foloniel Advisor UNASUR and the Front for Victory .

For Belgium Baudouin Deckers Head of International Relations

Workers Party of Belgium. The state of Bolivia involved: Pedro Montes of the National Executive of the Central Obrera Boliviana, Leonilda Zurita Vargas, Secretary of International Relations Movement Toward Socialism.

Altman Marx Brazilian journalist member of the National Secretariat of International Relations, Workers Party; Edival Da Silva Nunes Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil, Fredo Junior Ebling Communist Party of Brazil, Ricardo Gebrin Movement of Landless Rural Workers.

For Chile: Juan Cuevas of the Platform for Solidarity with Venezuela, Daniel Nuñez, Member of the Political Committee of the Communist Party and Director of the Latin American School of Graduate Studies at the University of Arts and Social Sciences, ARCIS-Director of the Institute of Sciences Alexander Lipchutz , ICAL.

For the Republic of Colombia, Senator Piedad Cordoba. In Costa Rica part Antillon Dionisio Cabal, Former Candidate for Vice-President of the Republic of Costa Rica – Patriotic Alliance Party.

Eduardo Zambrano also assists Assemblyman Ecuador Country Alliance and Blanca Flor Bonilla President of the Council of Mayors of the FMLN in El Salvador.

Spain’s guests are José Antonio Barroso, Mayor of Puerto Real and Juan Sastre Internationalist Medical Spanish-Sandinista Army War

U.S. political passenger Radhames Rivera, vice president of the Union of Employees Service Providers New York State will be present in the activities.

The representation of Grenada is in charge of Wayne Sandiford, University Professor – Political Adviser, also a member of the National Democratic Congress party.

Another guest of the PSUV is Manuel Zelaya PARLACEN Central Member of Parliament and Chief Coordinator of the Political Council of Petrocaribe who will represent Honduras.

As for Lebanon will do the same: Ghassan Dibeh, Professor of International Economics.

From Mexico traveled to Venezuela as guest: Zapata Margarita Zapata Foundation President and Chair of International Forum in Defense of Human Rights of Women and Ana Esther Cecena Geopolitics of Latin American Observatory – Institute of Economic Research, UNAM.

Balbina Herrera of Panama goes, former candidate for President of the Republic (PRD) and Portugal, Paula Santos Portuguese Communist Party.

The United Kingdom will be present: Adrian Kane, member of the Labour Party

Irish trade unionist, Richard Gott, Writer, Jennie Bremner, British UNITE Union Leader and Member of the Organization of Solidarity with Venezuela.

For Uruguay Darío Sánchez Alejandro Pereira participating member of the Movement of Popular Participation (MPP) and Member of Central Committee of the National Liberation Movement Tupamaros.


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