Venezuela, Iran strengthen cooperation ties to face capitalist world crisis

Venezuela, Iran strengthen cooperation ties to face capitalist world crisis

Tehran, May 17. ABN.- In the occasion of the Fourteenth Summit of the G-15, this Tuesday the President of Iran Mahmud Ahmadineyad and the Venezuelan foreign minister Nicolas Maduro held a meeting.

During the encounter that took place at the Iranian Government Palace, the Venezuelan minister and the President of Iran agreed on the necessity to keep progressing towards the consolidation of relations between the two countries and, even more, the consolidation of mechanisms that, from a South-South cooperation perspective, flourish as a sovereign and independent response to face the world crisis, as reads in an official communiqué issued by the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs.

In this regard, President Ahmadineyad expressed his willingness to keep supporting Venezuela on technology and industry matters and even to increase the cooperation on energy.

Likewise, Maduro, on behalf of President Chavez and the entire Venezuelan people, congratulated Ahmadineyad and Iranian people for the outstanding organization and success of the G-15 Summit, which took place on Monday in Tehran.

After talking about world economic situation, Maduro said that he was convinced that the so-called first world countries, which have been seriously affected by this financial crisis, are about to wake up just as has happened in Latin America in recent years.

“Venezuela lasted 40 years submerged into passivity. It would not be strange if European peoples wake up, because they are going through the current contradictions we are witnessing,” Maduro stated.


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