The Lines of Chavez # 72: The Socialist Federation!

Caracas, May 16. ABN.- I want to start by highlighting the signing of the contract to create the joint venture companies to work in the Orinoco Oil Belt, held on May 12th. The new Venezuelan oil project does start now with a new philosophical conception, with a new and harmonic political, ideological and social direction, face to face with our real national independence.

With the participation of oil companies from India, Japan, Spain and the U.S., which involves a $40 billion joint investment in our country, the recent creation of Petrocarabobo and Petroindependencia will produce 800,000 barrels per day in 2016.

Building socialism, being an oil nation, represents a dilemma we have to solve. Notwithstanding, this solution involves our autonomy and independence on this area, if we want to have an invulnerable sovereignty. This is what irritates the unpatriotic opposition that opposes our oil sovereignty since it (the opposition) was used to giving it away to foreign interests that stepped over our patriot dignity.

Now, the Venezuelan people set out the conditions for those who want to work jointly with us in the Orinoco Oil Belt, which is and will always be under Venezuela’s control.


I want to make an acknowledgment to every single worker who worked in the gas rig Aban Pearl on the extraction in the Dragon Well, at the north of the Paria Peninsula.

They showed not only their professionalism and technical experience, but also their patriotic commitment. I have enough evidence about it. They did their best to avoid the sinking of the rig; but the difficult conditions imposed over their brave answer and efforts.

At 23:00 hrs Wednesday night, all the alarms and the processes of evaluation and security were activated. There is no risk of gas leak. The rig was disconnected; the security valves and extra mechanisms were activated.

This serious accident has been useful to show the level of responsibility, prevention and security of our oil and gas projects. Contrary to some big companies whose structure and roots are hundred percent capitalist and operate all over the world regardless of the disastrous consequences it may have.

In this sense, Project Macondo of the British Petroleum already made history with one of the worst ecological disasters. Since three weeks ago and every day 800,000 liters of oil crude (around 5,000 barrels) go into the Gulf of Mexico after an error in the management of the oil rig Deepwater Horizon, which was drilling a 1,525 meters well.

In Venezuela, we are determined to overcome these situations guided by the voracity, and we are making it. The human and ecological aspect will always be our main priority.


We have declared war to every sort of crime. I want to reiterate that there are no untouchables, as I said during the inauguration ceremony of the Police Training Center of Catia, on Thursday 13th, which makes part of the Experimental University for Security Studies (UNES).

We are guided by the inalienable conviction of fighting against impunity. There cannot be any evil condition that transforms some men and women into first-class citizens, and some other into second-class citizens. The first raids and arrests in the illegal, parallel dollar and gold market started under this premise on May 14th.

We swore it to speculators and swindlers, we are going to thrash them in order to finish once and for all the damage they try to make to bankrupt our economy and finances. We amended the Law Against Illicit Exchange Transactions with utmost dispatch; especially the articles 2 and 9, so as to avoid that the homeland’s enemies continue sheltering under certain legal loopholes. The evil conception that “every law has its loophole” must be far away from us.

I urge the current and future deputies to be aware of the need of promoting a new legislative and juridical culture, a culture for the truth and justice.


We formally opened the Federal Council of Government on May 14 in the Ezequiel Zamora Hall, formerly Governor’s Hall, as a great step towards the social State and communal State.

We are riding the horse in times of a new Zamoran and Socialist Bolivarian Federalism, representing a clear and perceptible overcoming of the liberal and bourgeois federalism imposed by the Fourth Republic. One of the worst consequences of this bourgeois federalism was the birth of a deviated concept of decentralization.

It was a decentralization based on unequal and unharmonious political and territorial division designed in direct proportion to the oligarchy; not based on the unity our Liberators fought for. The unity we vindicate and make come true through our Bolivarian revolution.

In this sense, I was capable of nothing else but to invite pro-opposition governors and mayors to be aware that that beyond our ideological and political differences, there is in the middle a national project established in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

‘I always put the community before the individual,’ wrote our liberator Simón Bolívar in 1828 to the Marshal Antonio José de Sucre. The Federal Council of Government was born with this spirit, and this Federal Council must keep on coming to life under the same spirit. As an instrument of communities, so they definitely take control and assume the powers of the state, as Kléber Ramírez thought, by making a reality the Robinson Toparchy, the Toparchy included in the “Motors of Development Districts.”

Thus, without being euphemistic, it is time for us to practice obedience and let it radicalize among us. In this regard, the Federal Council of Government is born under the obedience power and it must point us the direction and set the example.

All the power for the people!
Socialist Homeland or Death!
We shall triumph!

Hugo Chavez Frías


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