Venezuela: one of the most efficient countries on counternarcotics

Caracas, Apr 23. ABN.- The quality of Venezuelan policies on fight against drug trafficking has placed the country among one of the most efficient in the world, in reference to drug seizing and capture of people related to the drug trafficking business.

The information was given this Friday by the Minister of People’s Power for Interior and Justice Tareck El Aissami, during the deportation of two Colombian citizens arrested for drug trafficking.

El Aissami underscored that the Bolivarian Government has seized a total of 21,048 kg (21 tons) of drugs so far this year, which proves the efficiency and quality of the work done by Venezuelan authorities to prevent the proliferation and consumption of illegal substances.

“These results speak for themselves and fight against drug trafficking,” he emphasized.

El Aissami insisted that domestic policies aimed at seizing narcotics, as well as the capture of citizens devoted to drug trafficking, have transformed the country into one of the most efficient on the fight against drug trafficking.

“We keep increasing our response capacity. We keep improving the efficiency of the policies adopted by the Revolution through the national counternarcotics plan carried out by our Government and that place us as a referential country on this subject,” the interior minister underscored.

Furthermore, El Aissami reiterated that Venezuelan authorities act transparently and attached to the National Constitution; for such reason, human rights have been respected in every counternarcotic operation.

“This ratifies Bolivarian Government will to act transparently, conscientiously and objectively in these kind of acts,” he underlined.

Likewise, he reminded that during the last period in which the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) acted in Venezuela (2001-2005) drug cartel chiefs, criminals nor paramilitaries were arrested and even less deported.

“From 2001 to 2005 no drug cartel chief, criminal or paramilitary was arrested or deported. Not a single one. Since the Government, sovereignly, decided to get rid of this load, that is, the DEA, our response capacity increased substantially,” the Minister explained.

So far this year, Venezuelan authorities have arrested and deported 6 citizens to be judged at their respective countries. In the last four years, Venezuela has deported a total of 43 people.

“We will keep working hard to reach these objectives: peace, calm and prevent this destructive problem gets into our people, our communities, our streets,” El Aissami stressed.


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