Venezuela diversifies oil markets

Caracas, Apr 23 ABN.- Venezuela has managed to diversify its oil markets given the efforts of the National Government in the area, which has led to send crude oil to several countries of the world.

The information was stressed the Minister of People’s Power for Energy and Oil and head of the state run Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), Rafael Ramirez, during a conversation with national and international journalists.

“We have diversified many of our markets, so we are sending oil to the whole world,” he stated.

According to the official, Venezuela embarks 40 thousand barrels per day toward Uruguay; 12 thousand to Bolivia; 25 thousand to Nicaragua; 460 thousand to China; 200 thousand to India; and 80 thousand to Belarus.

Regarding the oil sent to the United States, Ramirez informed that it variates but that it hovers around the million barrels.

As part of the initiative of the regional alliance Petrocaribe, Venezuela embarks about 50 thousand barrels per day.

During the encounter, carried out at the seat of the mentioned Ministry, Ramirez reaffirmed the interest on diversifying the currency commercialization, in behalf of breaking the current dependence to the unstable US dollar.

“Other members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries progress toward that direction,” he commented.


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