Let’s build today, 200 years later, the queen of nations and mother of Republics

Caracas, Apr 20 ABN.- The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, expressed that 200 years after the independence is necessary to build “the queen of the nations and mother of the republics”.

During a solemn session of the Venezuelan Parliament on the occasion of the Bicentennial Year, Chavez quoted Liberator Simon Bolivar by saying “when our souls finish the complete work of our independence, we will fly to embrace each other and so reach unity and consolidate the great American pact.”

He thanked the presence of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and praised the speech she gave as honorary speaker during the event.

Similarly, he said that if “Providence give us that benefit, then we will be able to create here, in this continent, the greatest nation of the world, which we may call the the queen of nations and mother of Republics.”

The President expressed that all of us “are compelled to retake and give full and deep shape to Guayaquil’s embracement,” warning that we “have a very important role to play.”

In this connection, he wondered “How many things have had to occur so that we can be here’,” referring to the presence of the different left-wing presidents during the event at the seat of the Venezuelan Parliament and who mediate for the Latin American and Caribbean unity.

“The 21 century will find us together or dominated,” said President Chavez quoting former Argentinean president Juan Domingo Peron, and he added that this April 19 “we are here united to not be dominated never again.”

Furthermore, he explained that the situation lived nowadays “is a revolution of values, ideas, cultures and policies, with the participation of our nations who have resuscitated and never again to die.”

The leader Commander of the Venezuelan Revolution reminded that this “is the century of Our America, the consolidation of the definitive independence.”


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