Governments are compelled to take political decisions to save Mother Earth


Apr 22 ABN.- “When it has to do with human life and defense of the Planet, Governments are compelled to hear each other and take political decisions,” stated on Thursday Bolivia’s President Evo Morales on the occasion of the First World People’s Conference on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth.

Similarly, Morales stressed that the attendance of social movements is the most noticeable difference between the Cochabamba encounter and the Copenhagen Summit, carried out on December 2009.

“Here (in Cochabamba), we are debating responsibly before humanity and for that reason we invite the presidents of the world to listen to social movements’ thinking, who really suffer the effects of the climate crisis. This dialog is crucial,” Morales stated.

According to him, the summit on Denmark was a failure because a few countries wanted to impose a document in which they did not show “to be interested on contributing to the defense of the environment.”

Therefore, Bolivia’s President asked, once the debate is carried out and the conclusions are made public, to “look ways to apply concrete measures.”

The Conference carried out in Bolivia since April 19 has counted with the attendance and participant of more than 20 thousand people from about 130 nations from the five continents.

The debate was divided into 17 working groups that tackled with matters such as the structural causes of climate change, the Kyoto Protocol, and aspects about agriculture and food sovereignty.


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