Formal employment increased 1.4 percent in March in Venezuela

Caracas, Apr 22. ABN.- The formal employment increased in March in Venezuela reaching 57.3 percent, which can be translated as an improvement in the quality of jobs in the country, informed the National Statistics Institute (INE).

In this regard, Elias Eljuri, President of the INE, stated that this is a significant figure, because it means that the quality of the jobs improved, represented in a raise of the formal employment in 1.4 percent, going from 55.9 to 57.3 percent of the total workforce.

Likewise, Eljuri informed that regarding the unemployment rate, the Monthly Report on Workforce corresponding to March registered an 8.7 percent.

In addition, Eljuri added that this figure represents “the continuity of a stabilization process within the unemployment rate, because it is almost the same figure that we had in February, 2010.”

According to the President of the INE, this tendency “is the result of an economic policy oriented to protect labor stability and people’s power purchase. This policy has softened the negative effects of the work market as a consequence of the world economic crisis.”

Eljuri commented through a press release that this indicator, seen from a historic point of view, “remains way below the figure found by President Chavez at his arrival in the government, or the rate existing as a consequence of the political effects of the coup and the oil sabotage in the period 2002-2003.”

The Survey of Homes by Sample in March, 2010, covered 5,707 homes and 23,722 people of 15 years of age and above. The referential period was between March 1st and 28, 2010.

Said sample was distributed throughout the entire territory, excepting collectivities (hotels, pensions, jails, hospitals, barracks, churches, among others), localities with less than 10 houses, federal dependences and indigenous communities living in wild zones.


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