Capitalist model responsible for climate change must be replaced

Caracas, Apr 22. ABN.- The world has the obligation of replacing the capitalist production model responsible for the climate change that threatens the Earth, warned the Venezuelan Deputy German Ferrer.

The parliamentarian underscored that the planet remained almost 200,000 years in geothermic balance; however, in the last two centuries, as a result of the capitalist production and consumer model, the catastrophe of the climate change was generated.

In reference to the First World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, which ends this Thursday April 22, Ferrer emphasized that Bolivia and its President Evo Morales are raising their voice on behalf of the peoples of the world that are suffering the onslaughts of climate change.

He reminded that this Conference is a response to the failure of the Conference in Copenhagen, which was, in his opinion, disrespectful toward the countries of the planet.

Moreover, Ferrer assured that Venezuela sent a large representation to Cochabamba, bringing significant conclusions as a result of the discussions among social movements, parliamentarians, ministers and organizations linked with the subject.

The Deputy also underscored that the Caura, located in Bolivar state (Venezuela’s southwest), should be declared National Park, since it is the largest tropical forest in the world with about 5 million hectares and is “under attack.”

In this regard, he commented that the Venezuelan Public Ministry and the environment ministry are adopting measures to preserve this green lunge; nevertheless, Ferrer considers that if it declared National Park its protection would be reinforced and the measure would not threat indigenous people’s settlements in the area.


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