Peoples of the world recognize Venezuela’s battle for absolute independence

The formal calls of the Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation and the presidents of China, Argentina and Uruguay, as well as from the member nations of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) during the month of April show that today Venezuela plays a significant role worldwide and that countries of the world recognize its fight for absolute independence.

The statement was said by the Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Elias Jaua, on the occasion of a press conference to inform about the activities that will take place to commemorate the 200 years of the country’s independence.

In this connection, Jaua estimated as transcendental the formal call of the Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, who recently signed a joint statement of commemoration of the bicentennial independence; payed homage to Liberator Simon Bolivar at the National Pantheon, in Caracas; and gave as a gift to President Hugo Chavez a letter sent by Francisco de Miranda to Catherine II the Great in order to thank the support she gave for the freedom of his country.

Besides, he stressed that the formal call of China’s President Hu Jintao, on the eve of the activities of April 19th, is a sign of that recognition from China to Venezuela’s historic legacy.

Likewise, he celebrated the fact that during April 18 and 19 will take place in the country the Extraordinary Summit of Alba Presidents and Heads of State, which reaffirms the respect and support of each of these nations to the regional integration.

Similarly, Jaua referred to the formal call of Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica and the attendance of Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez during the coming commemorative acts on April 19, “a sign of a Venezuela that has rescued its role in history.”

Finally, he reminded that April 19 1810 led to a freedom cry on the whole Continent, since it was the first act of defiance against the Spanish colonization.

“Thenceforward, there came other independence processes in the remaining Latin American countries, struggles that subsequently joined to that great Battle of Ayacucho in order to seal the political independence of our countries,” stressed the Vice President.


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