Fifth Socialist International to be held in Caracas next week

On April 12 and 13, Caracas will host the constituent meeting for the Fifth Socialist International proposed by the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez in November 2009, informed the Venezuelan vice-minister for cultural economy development Pedro Calzadilla.

This activity is in the framework of a series of important events organized by the Bolivarian Government to commemorate April, independence month, as a part of the Venezuelan Bicentenary.

“A really important initiative that emerged from the necessity of regrouping international leftist forces. It is the relaunch of the hope that socialism is possible,” underscored Calzadilla, reminding that the meeting will coincide with the restitution of Chavez in the presidency after a coup that took him apart from the presidency for two days.

The Vice Minister highlighted that on April 19, main day of the celebration, there will be celebrations nationwide.

The main acts will take place in the capital, Caracas, with a Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba) and a civil-military parade, popular and cultural with the attendance of a great number of delegations from all over the world.

On April 18, in the park Los Caobos in Caracas, there will be a party with the peoples of the world with music and other artistic performances.

On April 19, 1810, Venezuela did not recognize Spaniard authorities and created an autonomous government. Fifteen months later, Venezuela declared its independence.

In Calzadilla’s opinion, April represents the starting point for the country in its travel as an emancipated, insurgent and rebel people.

“Even if there are 200 years of difference between both moments, both the generation of April 19 and of the July 5, the independence generation, and today’s generation are together for the same purpose, the same goal, which is full freedom,” said Calzadilla.

According to Calzadilla, an essential value of Venezuelans in 1810 that prevails nowadays is a definite will of not accepting any kind of foreign domination.

“Venezuela was declared a free country at that moment, did not recognized any foreign authority and since then, it has exercised its sovereignty that was tainted, negotiated and betrayed by the elites in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, two hundred years later, we are through a moment in which we are fully exercising that sovereignty by the first time,” he added.

“We are people with a libertarian vocation. We have proved that we are not willing to live under a tyranny, subjugated to any kind of domination, whether internal or external. It is a principle that has been uphold not only from April 19,1810, but way before since the same 1948, when began the resistance process in the face of the European occupation,” Calzadilla underlined.

He pointed out that this month will be inaugurated the Bicentenary Anthem. In addition, he reminded that although this is the independence month, celebrations will continue the entire 2010 and 2011.


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