Bolivarian Revolution restored Venezuela’s political independence

Venezuela’s political independence has been restored during the eleven years of Bolivarian Revolution, affirmed the vice president of the Republic, Elias Jaua. According to him, since the Bolivarian Revolution began in the country, all Venezuelans count with a sovereign government that answers to the interests of the people that chose it for a term of reconstruction and transformation of the homeland. During a press conference to make public the activities to commemorate the Bicentennial celebrations, Jaua described this political independence as one of the major achievements of the process of changes started in 1989. “During the last years, the constant battles of people’s power against foreign threats allow us to calmly affirm that Venezuela is currently a politically independent country,” he stressed. Similarly, he reminded that the Venezuelan State does not rely on an axis of power, neither domestic nor abroad. However, he asserted that the battle for independence goes beyond politics, transcending areas such as scientific technology, food and agriculture, culture and education. At a scientific level, Jaua pointed out the launching of the first national satellite to the space and the creation of technology innovation networks. In matters of food and agriculture, he stressed that Venezuela is every day more and more closer to meeting this goal thanks to the sovereign and autonomous mechanisms implemented by the Bolivarian Government in these fields. Regarding culture and education, the Vice President pointed out the effort of mass participation of the Venezuelan people in social missions and the national literacy plan. “We are completely sure that we have still many things to do in order to reach a full independence, as Liberator Bolivar wanted to, but it will be only achieved by means of revolution,” Jaua stated.


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