Venezuela gets large benefits from agreements with Russia and Uruguay

Apr 08. ABN.- Venezuela gets large benefits in diverse fields thanks to the agreements endorsed recently with Russia and Uruguay, said the President of the Integral Sub Committee for Border Affairs of the National Assembly, Dep. Hayden Pirela.

The parliamentarian highlighted, among the agreements established with the European country, the possibility of renewing a fleet of commercial airplanes with the creation of a joint venture to supply airplanes spare parts, in which Venezuela will hold 51 percent of the shares. This agreement wil benefit the entire Latin America.

Pirela added that, through the Venezuelan state-owned oil company Pdvsa, the country will constitute with Russia a company to build tank vessels, looking for more autonomy for oil transportation.

In reference to the military defense agreements, Pirela underlined that Venezuela has the right to request from countries like Russia, China and Brazil the equipment that the United States refuse to sell us, such as spare parts for the aircrafts F-16 and Hercules.

In response to the counterrevolutionary voices stating that Venezuela is promoting an alleged arms race in the region, the Dep. said: “I invite Venezuelans to check Colombian armament using as excuse the drug trafficking combat.”

Moreover, he said that Venezuela endorsed with Russia important agreements on other fields such as education and culture, including revalidation of university degrees, and agreements to import vehicles, as well as with Uruguay.

Pirela also mentioned that accord on coke combustion with Russia will add 500 megawatts of generation, which are really important in the face of the electric emergency lived in the country.

Likewise, the Venezuelan Deputy talked about the agreements endorsed with Uruguay, such as the importation of 120 metric tons of chicken per month, for a total of 1,440 tons per year.

Furthermore, he stressed that the most important thing beyond these agreements is the integration of the peoples.

In addition, talking about the next visit of the Chinese President Hu Jintao to Venezuela, Pirela considered that the Bolivarian Government “is in the right path,” regarding its international relations.

Finally, he made a call to population to not let themselves be manipulated by media campaigns in the country.


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