The Washington Post has become a warmongering pamphlet against Venezuela

Apr 08 ABN.- The Washington Post newspaper has become into a warmongering pamphlet, since it boosts the United States meddling in Venezuela’s domestic affairs, stated the head of the foreign board commission of Venezuela’s Parliament, Roy Daza.

On Wednesday’s edition, the mentioned US newspaper released a leading article titled Mr. Chavez’ weapons, in which it asks the US President Barack Obama to not ignore “the Hugo Chavez Administration’s arms race.”

They affirm that when journalists asked the US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley for a reaction at Venezuela’s purchase of Russian weapons, his first answer was “We don’t care.”

According to the newspaper, that answer “was all too indicative of the continued complacency with which the Obama administration regards the political, economic and human rights meltdown underway in a major US oil supplier.”

In this connection, the Venezuelan Deputy expressed that “The Washington Post behaves as a warmongering pamphlet since it makes warmongering propaganda against the Venezuelan State, which is a democratic and independent State.”

“It seems like the United States does not understand that the 200 years of the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence actually mean that we are a free nation and that we do not rely on any Government to take our own decisions,” stated Daza.

Similarly, he added that Venezuela’s purchase of Russian-made defense weapons is a sovereign and legitimate action.

“Such affair is an exclusive responsibility of our Government, so no newspaper neither any government should meddle,” he stressed.

Daza reminded that Venezuela has strengthened and branched out its international relations. “there is a variety of international support for Venezuela, while the United States’ foreign policy is being isolated and bogged down on the wars it fosteres,” said Deputy Roy Daza.


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