Chavez Warns Against Possible Colombian Aggression at Border

CARACAS: Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that Venezuela is on the alert for a possible Colombian military action at the border.

“They are getting ready for an aggression … If you attack Venezuela, you will regret it,” Chavez warned during his weekly television and radio program.

“We must be alert,” Chavez said, adding that Venezuela was armed. However, he stressed that Venezuela does not want a war with Colombia.

He accused the Colombian government of frequently making declarations and threats against his country, including establishing military troops at the border and possible attempts to capture guerillas in Venezuelan territory.

He also accused the United States of sending planes to the Netherlands Antilles, north of Venezuela.

Chavez froze ties with Colombia in July after Colombia agreed to a military cooperation that allowed the United States to use its military bases.

Venezuela, bordering Colombia to the north, is the most vehement opponent of the plan as Chavez said the bases were “a threat” to his country.


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