Venezuela’s good example poses a threat to Washington

Caracas, Dec 03 ABN.- The good example set by the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela disturbs the United States on its effort to recover the influence over Latin America, declared the Venezuelan-American lawyer Eva Golinger.

With regard to the White House strategies in the hemisphere, especially in Venezuela, Golinger expressed that the northern country analyzes a set of risks posed against its purpose of meddling in the area.

Following the words of the intellectual and political expert Noam Chomsky, Golinger affirms that Venezuela, with its defiant and successful model poses a threat of good example for Washington’s policies.

Venezuela builds a socialist society, where the priority is the people and the social matter, the guarantee of people’s needs and a transfer of power to the latter.

That is related to Caracas’ oil export priority: first, national activity; then, the Caribbean; Latin American countries; and then the United States, Golinger expressed.

On the other hand, the alleged threat adduced by Washington is given by Venezuela’s current foreign policy which, different to previous governments, is based on cooperation and solidarity, especially within the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America.

Also, that policy goes beyond the region and influences in other areas of the world, as the collaboration with nations like Russia or Iran, the lawyer commented.

According to her, in the face of that reality, Washington is developing a strong campaign to silence the social programs in Venezuela and boosts a negative image of President Hugo Chavez.

There are programs of the US intelligence to attract youth people in order to destabilize countries, as it occurred at that point with the so-called color revolutions in the former soviet republics, Golinger warned.


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