Venezuelan depositors of affected banks start to receive their money,Chavez said

Caracas, Dec 03. ABN.- The Venezuelan Governmnet has assured that since this Friday at 18:00 local time (-04:30 GMT), the first depositors of the Banco Canarias and Banpro that already filled the respective forms to make effective the deposit guarantees through the state-owned Banco de Venezuela, will be able to use their money.

The information was given by the Minister of State for the Public Banking and President of the Banco de Venezuela Eugenio Vasquez, during a Council of Ministers at the Miraflores Presidential Palace presided over by the President of the Republic Hugo Chavez, accompanied by the economy ministers.

Vasquez pointed out that the operation to certify and compensate affected adult depositors began on Tuesday. So far, the Banco de Venezuela has received a total of 5,605 forms and 2,893 have been processed, these people will be able to use the money they had deposited at the intervened banks starting tomorrow (Friday).


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