Venezuela will never go back to capitalist model

Caracas, Dec 07 ANB.- The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez reaffirmed that the country will not return to the capitalist model because only in socialism we will achieve social justice and welfare.

During his speech at the 1st International Congress for 10th anniversary of the Venezuelan Constitution, held in Caracas, President Chavez urged the population to study and read in order to be more creative, as well as he urged to not devote time to television since it is a weapon of domination of the world capitalist elites.

“We have to do good television because capitalism does very bad television in order to poison minds, to corrupt human beings since they are children. They condition you for the whole life in order to use you as a simple consumer of this model, which is destroying the planet,” he stressed.

Regarding 1st International Congress for 10th anniversary of the Constitution, Chavez stressed that this instrument is not only a legislation, it is a great project.

Similarly, the President expressed that this encounter is carried out at the right time with the presence of judges, diplomatic representatives, experts and other special guests, who will give their ideas in order to contribute to the development of the socialist process undertaken in Venezuela.

He described as wonderful the Constitution and the fact that it was devised jointly with the Venezuelan people, as well as its philosophical, political and programmatic content.

Moreover, President Hugo Chavez made reference to the struggle of Liberator Simon Bolivar before the Congress of Angostura to free the great homeland.

“Bolivar boosted sovereignty. He had a sword in his hand. Bolivar studied since childhood and shaped in defiance of paradigms. He was a revolutionary man not only because of the sword but also of word and thought,” he said.

Therefore, Chavez expressed that these are the codes of the Bolivarian thought that have become into essential elements in Venezuela’s revolutionary praxis.

“It is said: We will never go back, whatever it takes, to the capitalist model,” reaffirmed the Venezuelan President.


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