Venezuela purchases foods where the government decides to (colombian farmers driven to bankruptcy by Uribe´s erratic politics)

Caracas, Dec 08 ABN.- Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez stated during his address at the Mercosur Summit in Uruguay that Venezuela is making effective its right of purchasing foods where the Government decides to.

President Chavez said the statement in reply to Colombia’s vice president Francisco Santos who during his address accused Venezuela of having an “economic embargo” against his country.

Regarding the freezing of the commercial relations, Chavez stated “It is not an illegal action. We are making effective our right of acquiring foods where we decide to.”

“They accuse us of violating human rights because we knocked down illegal border crossings,” said Chavez, and he reaffirmed that Colombia’s Government accusations against Venezuela are part of an escalade of aggressions against our country.

Chavez reaffirmed that the US military bases in Colombia pose a threat to Venezuela and the overall South, “and we will continue rejecting this action.”

He stressed that these bases will be settled in order to start espionage processes against the region.

“Colombia opened its territory to the United States military forces and they attack those who denounce that,” Chavez added.

Colombia’s vice president Francisco Santos addressed Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez at the Mercosur Summit so as to denounce that his country is victim of an “economic aggression” as a result of an unilateral decision taken bu Venezuela.

Concerning the US-Colombia military accord, Santos affirmed that his country has no intention of bringing into conflicts.


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