Saul Ortega supports denounce made about Colombian incursion in Venezuela

Caracas, Dec 03. ABN.- The Vice-president of the National Assembly Saul Ortega supported the denounce made this Wednesday by the Vice-president of Venezuela Ramon Carrizalez, about the preparation of a Colombian incursion in Venezuela.

Ortega said that Colombia applies a war policy promoted by the U.S. Government, based on the preventive war boosted by George W. Bush’s Administration, invading any country without respecting any international organ or international rights.

Likewise, the Vice-president of the Parliament said that there are evidences of said warmonger position, like the armed incursion in 2008, when Colombian troops violated Ecuador’s sovereignty and bombed a clandestine camp of the Revolutionary Army Forces of Colombia (FARC).

In addition, Ortega mentioned the incident of 1987 in Caldas, when the Colombian Government sent to Venezuelan waters the ARC Caldas warship, unleashing a crisis between the two countries.

Therefore, Ortega said that Venezuela can expect anything from Colombia, because it has already set a war, death and destruction device with the support of the United States “and all the countries should be on the alert.”

Finally, the parliamentarian urged Venezuelans to be ready to defend the country and protect the interests of the nation.


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