Mercosur condemns coup and does not recognize the “elections in Honduras

Caracas, Dec 08. ABN.- Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela reiterated their most vigorous condemnation against the coup in Honduras and consider unacceptable the serious violations to Human Rights in that Central American country, reads a communique of the 38th Summit of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur), taking place in Montevideo, Uruguay.

“In the face of the no restitution of Manuel Zelaya in the post to which he was democratically elected, we do not acknowledge at all the election process organized by the de facto government, taking place in a unconstitutional climate, which represent a hard strike against the democratic values of Latin America and the Caribbean,” the communique reads.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez made a call to the dignity and the truth to the attendants in the Summit, especially to the Government of Mexico, regarding the coup in Honduras and the illegal elections held in that Central American country.

“Poor of those governments that start to beat around the bush to make up the biggest brutality occurred in a brother country,” Chavez said.

“Were there elections in Honduras’ For God’s sake! Tell me, which elections’ (…) I make a call to the Government of Mexico to reflect on it. We cannot accept that,” Chavez stated.

In this regard, the Venezuelan President added that a new and real electoral process must be carried out in Honduras.

Likewise, the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez ratified that the “elections” held by the putschists in Honduras are illegal, antidemocratic and unconstitutional.


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