Colombia announces cut of power supply to Venezuela and Ecuador

Caracas, Dec 03. ABN.- The Government of Colombia announced this Thursday that it will put a “temporary” halt on the supply of power energy to Venezuela and Ecuador, allegedly due to the forecasts of severe drought that could affect Colombian dams.

A day after Colombian President Alvaro Uribe denounced that Venezuela “is applying an illegal and unjust embargo against Colombia,” his energy minister Hernan Martinez explained that the decision of putting a temporarily halt to the energy service supply was made, because: “We want to preserve our water. February and March will be hard months.”

“Obviously, as more water reserves we have for the next intense summer, better will be our situation and we put away that ghost some people have speculated about,” regarding energy rationing in Colombia, said the minister, as informed by Telesur.

Likewise, Martinez said that the suspension of 70 to 80 megawatts to Venezuela began about two weeks ago, while in Ecuador’s case the suspension started few days ago.

In reference to Venezuela, the Colombian energy minister said “we sold about 70 to 80 megawatts daily, but we had to cut it ten days ago due to our internal situation. We are reserving water for February and March.”

Martinez assured that the process of no commercializing energy to Venezuela and Ecuador will depend on the capacity of Colombian dams.

The Colombian minister added that his country supplies to Ecuador between 230 and 250 megawatts a day and he said that in the last weeks, Colombia is studying if it will fully cut the supply or if it will send “a few” from 70 megawatts.

After recalling the impasses with Venezuela due to the presence of U.S. military bases in his country and the war scenery generated by them affecting Lain American peace, Martinez assured that Bogota “has sent enough messages about our situation (…) They know this is not a retaliation, or anything similar (…) It does not have anything to do with the political situation.”

The Colombian energy supplies Venezuela’s Tachira state (western).

According to Colombia’s official data, the hydroelectric dams are currently in 70.8% of their water capacity.


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