Chavez urged his Cabinet to be on the alert in the face of any irregularity

Caracas, Dec 07 ABN.- The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, urged his Cabinet to be always on the alert in the face of any irregularity, especially in the economic field. The call is due to the recent events related to banking entities and fraudulent financial movements carried out by some bankers, which were neutralized by the opportune action of the Venezuelan State. “We will monitor much better. Sudeban (superintendent of banks and other financial institutions) and the Banco de Venezuela must carry out a better monitoring. The counterrevolution is right now trying to generate a bank run, a real crisis,” explained the President. He insisted on that there is no banking crisis and those who affirm so do it in order to destabilize the nation by spreading groundless rumors. “Be careful with networks and contacts of the members of mafias who get close to the State to try to create confusion, to deceive,” he warned. For instance, the President affirmed that the State will be benefited by solving this financial situation and he welcomed that the country’s great banking institutions want to join the special plan of payment and registration for the depositors of the liquidated banks. President Chavez affirmed that any bank proved to have made swindles or illicit activities, it will be immediately nationalized. “Any bank that acts outside the law will be immediately intervened. I do not care the size of the bank,” he said. Similarly, the Venezuelan president expressed that the national bank must abide by the Venezuelan laws and regulations or, on the contrary, the State will act to preserve the population’ interests and economic stability. Likewise, President Chavez asked Venezuela’s United Socialist Party (PSUV) to monitor the problems and irregularities that present in order


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