Chavez warns U.S. order to assault because”here”is a prepared people

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez warned Sunday the U.S. government dares not to attack Venezuela because they “get to a prepared people” and called the commanders of the army to “prepare for war” by the threat means the installation of U.S. military bases on Colombian soil.

“Do not waste time commander of the National Guard, commanders of the battalions of militia we are going to form the militia corps, students, workers, women (Â …) ready to defend this homeland, holy nation,” said the president in his Sunday program “Alo, Presidente”.

Regarding the agreement signed last week by the U.S. and Colombia, Chavez warned Washington not to order “an aggression against Venezuela by using Bogota ” because the Venezuelan government is ready for anything, “and Venezuela is not going to be never, ever, a U.S. colony.”

The President claimed that “Colombia was transferred to the U.S. Government,” by the to unrestricted rights which will have U.S. troops on Colombian territory, saying “the Yankee military may be by air, in land and use the radielectric spectum”.

“The Government of Colombia is a lackey of the U.S. empire,” denounced Chavez, who said that since signing the agreement with the United States, the South American country is an American colony.

He expressed hope that “one day Colombia will be a free country again.”

“Colombia, daughter of (Simon) Bolivar you have become expensive,” he said.

On Friday 30 October, the government of Colombia signed the agreement that allows U.S. the installation of seven military bases on its territory, for a private act that was met behind closed doors at the Colombian Foreign Ministry headquarters, despite the rejection of the countries of the region.

Following the signing of this agreement, the Colombian Foreign Minister Jaime Bermudez, announced that the agreement would be released this week, adding it would also be sent to members of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), of which Colombia is also a part.

This agreement has led to the rejection of Latin American countries who believe that the installation will affect the stability of the region, this position is supported by Colombians who have lived the American military occupation of its territory since 2000 and have been victims of abuse of these officers.


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