Chavez is preparing for an eventual U.S. attack from bases in Colombia

2009, Caracas, November 8.

If you think Yankee empire of using Colombia for a military attack on Venezuela, here begins the war of 100 years and would spread across this continent, on Sunday warned President Hugo Chávez and appeal to the Bolivarian National Armed Force to prepare the response to possible U.S. aggression.

If you want peace, prepare for war, “Chavez said during a ceremony for the delevering of new houses in the state of Portuguesa in the Central Western region of Venezuela, where he again criticized the resolution adopted last month by Colombia and the United States for using seven military bases in Colombia for americans troops.

Many people had hopes, we were always cautious with the victory of President Obama. Very early start to realize the truth: The Empire is alive and more threatening than ever, said the president.

Earlier, the president said in his Sunday radio and television, Alo Presidente, that what happened between Colombia and the United States is the delivery of a country, to renounce their sovereignty, so that now the neighbor is a Yankee colony.

Do not go to wrong Mr. President Obama and you will order an attack on Venezuela by using the government of Colombia. Do not go making a mistake, because we’re ready for anything, Chavez said.
In recent years Venezuela has ordered the replacement of part of its military equipment, like Chile, Brazil and Colombia, which nine years ago triggered the Plan Colombia, under which receives military and financial support to strengthen U.S. forces and military facilities. Caracas has bought Russian jets and assault rifles and Chinese radars, while Washington has suspended all military transfers.

Venezuela is not alone. We have a large group of friends in this world. Do not go to the wrong rule and the lackeys of the empire, the bourgeoisie antibolivarian of Colombia, Chavez said at the ceremony of Portuguesa.

At night, the presidency of Colombia issued a statement which said that this country has not made a single gesture of war on the international community, and even least to fraternal countries. The only interest that drives us is the overcoming of narco-terrorism. ”

He further noted that before he called the threats of Chavez, Colombia intends to attend the Organization of American States and the Security Council of the United Nations Organization.


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