Frakensheikh al Qaeda: CIA, ISI, Saudi creation blows back


May 4th, 2009 | email this | digg itPosted by Maloy Krishna DharPublished in Opinion and Editorials, TerrorismMany analysts drew conclusions after 9/11, that US attack on terror in Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden’s flight to Afghan-Pakistan border had weakened the terror fountain head and it was matter of time the outfit was finished. Osama, who enjoys a charisma and thrills romanticized youths like Che Guevara did, survived in the most inaccessible heights of Chitral, Pakistan and his supply lines from Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries continue unhindered. Like the ultranationalist Fascist Hitler Osama has the capability of inspiring Muslim (some western Christian also) youth to the cult of Islam’s exclusivism. It is argued that Islam has some commonality with the neo-Fascist and Communistic ideologies. In that sense, Osama besides his declared goal of destroying the Christian and Jewish entities wants to re-establish the rule of pure Salafi and Hanbali Islamic way of life. Another goal of Al Qaeda is to strive for establishing another Islamic Khilafat. This neo-Fascist attitude of Osama and his followers has spread like virus.

Intelligence speculations by various agencies and research foundations suggest that Al Qaeda has lost its Central Command and its franchises in different parts of the world have been fired by the ideology. President Zardari of Pakistan recently stated that according to his agency reports Osama bin Laden was dead. This was promptly countered by the USA. They believe that leadership duo of Osama and Jawahiri are very much alive and kicking; they are directing the movement globally in addition to releasing audio and video messages. The trouble with most intelligence agencies and researchers is that they cannot go sleep till some conclusions are drawn; realistic or fantasized conclusion. These speculations are parts of existential disorder-an unseen enemy is non-existent.

Osama and Jawahiri in 2008: courtesy AP and BBC

The fact is otherwise. Al Qaeda and Talibans in Afghanistan and Pakistan have strengthened their grip on both the countries. The experts appear to have realized the euphoric mistake, as more ground slip out of Afghan and Pakistan governments. U.S. intelligence estimates now realize that unless full military operations are launched the forces of Osama and Taliban might take over Pakistan in weeks. With renewed war cries from Washington and other western capitals and Pakistan’s hesitant military operations many people have forgotten that the Al Qaeda and Taliban were fathered by the CIA, ISI and Royal Saudi Intelligence. It is appropriate to have a peep into the birth of the FrankenSheikh and its Blow Back effect.

Though Pakistan and the USA in tandem with NATO nations now cry wolf about the Al Qaeda the genesis of the birth of Al Qaeda can be traced to William Casey (Cowboy Casey), the than CIA director, who persuaded the millionaire Arab Osama to lend Arab support to the Anti-Soviet Afghan Mujahideen struggle. The CIA originally backed the Islamic guerrilla resistance against the Marxist regime and Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the late 1970s and 1980s. Its efforts focused increasingly on a hardliner faction which was to spawn al-Qaeda in 1987-88.

Between 1978 and 1992, the US government poured in at least US $6 billion (some estimates range as high as $20 billion) worth of arms, training and funds to prop up the mujahideen. Other western governments, and oil-rich Saudi Arabia, opened their purse string. Wealthy Arab fanatics, like Osama bin Laden, provided millions more. Washington’s favoured mujahideen faction was one of the most extreme, led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Osama bin Laden was a close associate of Hekmatyar and his faction.

Bin Laden left Saudi Arabia to fight the Soviet army in Afghanistan after Moscow’s invasion in 1979. By 1984, he was running a front organization known as Maktab al-Khidamat “Services Office:”— the MAK — which funneled money, arms and fighters from diversified sources into the Afghan war. The MAK was nurtured by Pakistan’s state security services, the Inter-Services Intelligence agency through which CIA poured money for the Afghan Vietnam of the USSR. General Zia-ul-Haq personally supervised the operations and had met the leaders of 7 major mujahideen groups to inspire and motivate them.

Zia’s paymaster, Ronald Reagan, as an architect of demolition of the Soviet Empire encouraged the CIA to intensify its efforts through William Casey. Casey was skillfully aided by Milton Bearden, the CIA station chief in Pakistan. Under US influence the Saudi Royal Intelligence (than Chief Prince Turky) deputed numerous Arabs to fight alongside the Afghan resistance. Abdullah Azzam, a Muslim Brotherhood ideologue and bin Laden’s MAK financed and funneled these volunteers.

“Overall, the U.S. government looked favorably on the Arab recruitment drives. … Some of the most ardent cold warriors at Langley thought this program should be formally endorsed and extended. The CIA “examined ways to increase their participation, perhaps in the form of some sort of international brigade,” … Robert Gates, then-head of the CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence recalled. … At the Islamabad station Milt Bearden felt that bin Laden himself ‘actually did some very good things’ … But nothing came of it.” Steve Coll, Ghost Wars (Penguin, 2005 edn), pp.145-6, 155-6.
The CIA developed a program to bring Arabs and others to the United States for terrorist training. People recruited by the CIA and its operational asset Osama bin Laden supplied the man power. Here was an irony of habitual US propensity to conclude that an Agent has uni-existential approach. Osama collaborated with the USA but his internal hatred for the Americans were manifested later. Nonetheless, the nationalities of the mobilized volunteers in the name of Jihad for the most part were Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese and even from far off Philippines Jaljalani brothers and from Indonesia (Imam Samudra etc). The CIA trained them on US soil. Large batches of these recruits were treated as students visiting USA for higher studies. On American soil, the CIA used Muslim charities and mosque communities as fronts for recruitment of fighters in their secret war against the USSR, Operation Cyclone. One training camp was in New York’s Arab district; in Brooklyn along Atlantic Avenue. Another was a private rifle club in an affluent community of Connecticut. Bin Laden and a man named Mustafa Chalaby, who ran a jihad refugee centre in Brooklyn, were both protégés of Abdullah Azzam.

The MAK, of Abdullah Azzam in conjunction with bin Laden, was based in Peshawar, Pakistan. Numerous branches were established in the USA under the name of al-Khifa. The first was set up in Tucson, amid the large Arab community there, in 1986. The largest branch of al-Khifa was in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue, New York next to the Farouq Mosque. Other branches were in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. Officially known as the al-Khifa Refugee Center and the associated Afghan Refugee Services, the Brooklyn centre provided the interface for CIA’s Operation Cyclone against the USSR in Afghanistan. The organization became known as the Services Office, after its Peshawar original, and worked to raise funds and train recruits for the war effort.

Azzam is believed to have visited from time to time, and bin Laden was the financial supporter. Al-Khifa had a training camp in Connecticut, where recruits received brief paramilitary training and weapons induction. Several former members of the active service of the CIA were employed there as expert consultants. Some materials for this part were borrowed from Andrew Marshall’s, “Terror ‘blowback’ burns CIA: America’s spies paid and trained their nation’s worst enemies.”

In 1986, bin Laden brought heavy construction equipment from Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan. Using his extensive knowledge of construction techniques, he built training camps dug deep into the sides of mountains-now known as Tora Bora. It is funny to note in the CIA the Osama training centres were treated as Terrorist Universities. The Afghan mujahideen fighters, including tens of thousands of mercenaries recruited and paid for by the CIA were armed by the same agency, Pakistan, US and Britain provided military trainers. Interestingly, President Ziaur Rahman also helped the CIA to recruit over 15,000 volunteers from Bangladesh. These recruits were shipped/flown from Chittagong.

MAK to Al Khifa to Al Qaeda (the Base) was not a very long journey. Blessed by CIA, ISI and RSI bin Laden’s Al Qaeda was established in 1987-88 to run the camps and other business enterprises. Abdullah Azam was a believer in jihad against infidel Russians and supported Palestinian fight for freedom. He did not prompt terrorism. His differences with Osama led to his death in a planted car bomb blast. Azzam’s place was occupied by Ayman al Jawahiri, a firebrand Salafi who believed in terrorism as a tool to achieve preponderance of Islam globally. Osama finally split from the MAK in 1988 and established a new group al-Qaeda that included many of the more extreme MAK members, Afghan mujahideens and other mercenaries hired by the CIA.

The Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan during 1988-9. A policy split emerged between the US State Department and the CIA. The State Department focused on moderate Afghan factions and a negotiated supersession of the Soviet-installed Najibullah regime. But the CIA continued military support, via Pakistan, to Hekmatyar and other Islamists. These developments did not stop the flow of Arab fighters to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Al Qaeda drifted closer to the ISI and Hikmatyar.

The CIA did not want to abandon Osama and the Arabs after the Soviets left Afghanistan, and in a meeting at Green’s Hotel, Peshawar, Pakistan, in late 1991, between their local representatives, Prince Turki bin Faisal, head of the Saudi intelligence service and the Arab Afghans, they decided to continue links. The strategic position of Afghanistan in respect of the oil resources in CAR countries had motivated Washington to cultivate the Arab fighters and Osama-Jawahiri duo. The later phase of blow Back of CIA’s Al Qaeda operation has created new political realities in the world and Islamic terror has become a major tool to destabilise the enemies of Islam and to strengthen the ideological movement of Islam’s march to final victory.

After being chased out of Afghanistan Al Qaeda set up camps in Pakistan and gradually established contacts with the tribal sardars and mullahs in Waziristan, Swat and other areas of FATA and NWFP. Initially Pakistan displayed an indulgent attitude. There are reports that ISI officials were deputed to assist Osama.

Areas of direct and indirect influence of Al Qaeda and allies in Pakistan: Courtesy AP

It would be presumptuous to agree with US and Pakistan inferences that Osama and a handful of Arabs are confined in remote areas of Chitral and Afghanistan border. According to delicate sources in Pakistan Al Qaeda alone have an estimated strength of 1000 consisting of Arab, Chechen, Uzbek, Uyghur (China), and Pakistani and Afghan elements. Osama’s communication line to his global franchises is still intact. The remote units may act individually but the event is logged in Osama’s laptop.

Besides these regulars there are estimated 3000 members of Lashkar al Zill (shadow Army) of Osama. To explain the Zill we have to borrow some facts and ideas from Bill Roggio, a renowned Afghan, Pakistan watcher and analyst. (Bill Roggio is the managing editor of the Long War Journal and an adjunct fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.) According his and your author’s independent studies with helps from reliable sources in Pakistan the Lashkar al Zill is an Al Qaeda-Taliban paramilitary force.

It would be presumptuous to assert that Tehrik-e-Taliban, Pakistan alone forced out Pakistan Army from Swat and other places. They were assisted by Osama’s Lashkar al Zill. It is better to have an account from Roggio: “Al Qaeda has reorganized its notorious paramilitary formations, setting the stage for a dramatic comeback. Formerly known as Brigade 055, the military unit has been rebuilt into a larger, more effective fighting unit known as the Lashkar al Zil, or the Shadow Army…

…The Shadow Army is active primarily in Pakistan’s tribal areas, and in eastern and southern Afghanistan, several US military and intelligence officials said on condition of anonymity. The force is well trained and equipped, and has defeated the Pakistani Army in engagements in North and South Waziristan, Bajaur, Peshawar, Khyber, and Swat. In Afghanistan, the Shadow Army has attacked Coalition and Afghan forces throughout the country. The Shadow Army has been instrumental in the Taliban’s consolidation of power in Pakistan’s tribal areas and in the Northwest Frontier Province. They are also behind the Taliban’s successes in eastern and southern Afghanistan. They are helping to pinch Kabul.” (Long War Journal- Friday, February 13, 2009.)

Afghan and Pakistan-based Taliban forces have integrated elements of their forces into the Shadow Army, especially the Tehrik-e-Taliban and Haqqani Network. It is considered a status symbol for groups to be a part of the Shadow Army. The Tehrik-e-Taliban is the Pakistani Taliban movement led by Baitullah Mehsud. The Haqqani Network straddles the Afghan-Pakistani border and has been behind some of the most high-profile attacks in Afghanistan.

However, Taliban spokesman Zabihollah Mujahid created some stir in western media by denying that Taliban had any links with Al Qaeda. Zabihollah appeared to distance the Taliban movement from al-Qaeda. Repudiating the suggestion that the resistance in Afghanistan was led by al-Qaeda rather than the Taliban, Zabihollah declared; “The ongoing resistance against the foreigners in Afghanistan is a pure Afghan resistance. The commanders and leaders of this resistance are Afghans and everything to do with this struggle is led by Afghans… The leader of our resistance is known and he is Mullah Omar Mujahid. Local commanders in each and every province and region are known.” (Afghan Islamic Press April 21, 2009). The Taliban strategy to distance from Al Qaeda and asserting the claim that all Afghan tribes are fighting against the USA is part of psy-war. On the contrary western media and governments have long regarded the two movements as inseparable.

The Shadow Army has a military structure, a U.S. military intelligence officer said. A senior al Qaeda military leader is in command, while experienced officers command the brigades and subordinate battalions and companies. There are three or four brigades, including the re-formed Brigade 055 (partly deployed in Kashmir in 91-92) and several other Arab brigades. In 2001 the 055 Brigade had an estimated 2,000 soldiers and officers in the ranks. The rebuilt units consist of Saudis, Yemenis, Egyptians, North Africans, Iraqis, as well as former members of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guards. At present, the 055 Brigade has completely reformed and is surpassing pre-2001 standards. The other brigades are also considered well trained.
The line between the Taliban and al Qaeda is increasingly blurred, especially from a command and control perspective. Faqir Mohammed, Baitullah Mehsud, Hakeemullah Mehsud, Ilyas Kashmiri, Siraj Haqqani, and all the rest are, in fact, hardcore al Qaeda commanders. They maintain their tribal identity but work as per war room instructions from Qaeda’s highest commands. This strange development has drawn attention of some US intelligence agency officials, but the White House is yet to understand the gravity of the situation. They are being misled by Pakistan.

The establishment of joint Taliban and al Qaeda formations in the Shadow Army has been aided by the proliferation of terror training camps in the tribal areas and the Northwest Frontier Province. In the summer of 2008, there were reportedly more than 150 training camps and over 400 support locations in operation in those areas. The Shadow Army has distinguished itself in recent years, particularly in Pakistan’s tribal areas and in the Northwest Frontier Province.

In Swat, the Pakistani military was defeated by forces under the command of Mullah Fazlullah in 2007 and in 2008. Last month, the military launched its third attempt to secure Swat, with little success so far. In Bajaur, the hidden hand of the Shadow Army can be seen in the sophisticated trench and tunnel networks, bunkers, and pillboxes built by Taliban forces. The Taliban have good weaponry and a better communication system. Their tactics are mind-boggling and they have defenses that would take US and Pakistan months to build. Recent Pakistan army’s advance towards Taliban occupied Buner is yet to prove that Pakistan can convincingly defeat the Qaeda-Taliban combines.

The Shadow Army also operates in Afghanistan. In July 2008, a unit comprised of al Qaeda, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Hizb-e-Islami conducted a complex assault on a US outpost in Wanat in Nuristan province. The force nearly overran the base, and nine US soldiers were killed. This is the largest loss by US forces in a single engagement in Afghanistan to date. That the Taliban and Qaeda live in mutual comfort is proved by the extension of Sharia’a law to Chitral also. Chitral is Osama domain. See the map below:

Sharia’a Law areas in Malakand Division: courtesy BBC.

The scenario, though real, has not yet disturbed political leaders in Pakistan and the CIA/NSA/White House. In India there is hardly any awareness of building up of a vast jihadi force comprising Arabs, Afghans and Pakistani tribals. The mercenary force from other countries apart, the Zill itself is in position to draw Pakistan and USA into protracted guerrilla warfare, much worse than the Afghan mujahideens fighting against Soviet Army. India should wake up and take these factors in evolving national security priorities and greater defence policies.

The Al Qaeda is not a political entity located in Capital Chitral. It is both an idea, war strategy, political goal all combined under the common blanket of war against the Christians and Jews. That the force wants to capture Pakistan and Afghanistan and establish the nebula of the Khilafat has not been interpreted well by the security analysts. Once the Osama Khilafat is established Iran and Iraq and other minor Arab countries, the Qaeda High Command think, would fall under the domino effect. The Al Qaeda has franchisees in many countries.

Al-Qaida has cooperated with a number of known terrorist groups worldwide including:
Armed Islamic Group
Salafist Group for Call and Combat and the Armed Islamic Group
Egyptian Islamic Jihad (Egypt)
Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (Egypt)
Jamaat Islamiyya
The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
Bayt al-Imam (Jordan)
Lashkar-e-Taiba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Jaish-e-Muhammad (Pakistan)
Asbat al Ansar
Hezbollah (Lebanon)
Al-Badar (Pakistan)
Harakat ul Ansar/Mujahadeen (Pakistan)
Harakat ul Jihad
Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam
Harkat-ul Jihad al Islami, Bangladesh
Jamait-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh
Allahar Dal-Bangladesh
Hizbut Tehrir Bangladesh
Moro Islamic Liberation Front (the Philippines)
Abu Sayyaf Group (Malaysia, Philippines)
Al-Ittihad Al Islamiya – AIAI (Somalia)
Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
Islamic Army of Aden (Yemen), Etc.

The Al Qaeda has also given new twist to the religious and philosophical interpretation of Islam-in-constant-war. Osama bin Laden, al Jawahiri names sound in the ears of Islamicists, security agencies and affected nations as reverberations of the romantic name of Che Guevara. The main difference is that while Che struggled and perished for parching the flag of communism, the modern day Islamic Fascists Osama and Jawahiri try to Islamicise the entire world, irrespective of religion and they mean to achieve this through violence of the type of horseback marauders which expanded like cyclonic storm and overwhelmed major nations in Africa, Europe and Central Asia soon after the demise of the Prophet.

Osama is a Neo-Islamist Fascist. He does not tolerate differences of opinion and wants his interpretation of Islam to the next only to that of Prophet Mohammad. Though the professed immediate target of the Al Qaeda are the Christians and Jews, for the scions of the Salafi Islamicist Fascist movement the ultimate goals are capturing of major Muslim States and establishment of the Khilafat of Islam. Historically speaking these aims of al Qaeda exploit three basic instincts of the Muslims: Islam does not recognize any nation state; Mussalmans have primary loyalty to the greater Ummah and the faith that the Saif of Islam would defeat all jahil kafirs and apostates. These instincts of 8th century Arabia have been ingrained in very many Muslim minds; some in India too. This interpretation of Islam is not acceptable to Indian school of Deoband and other seminaries; though Ahl-e-Hadith encouragers sub continental Muslims to follow the path of Salafi and Hanbali tenets. The Indian Sunni Muslims owe allegiance to the Hanafi sect.

Osama has also imprinted stamp of terrorism by creating a romantic charisma around him like Che. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross & Laura Grossman Vice President of research at Foundation for Defense of Democrasies and author of My Year inside Radical Islam(Tarcher-Penguin) assert that there are homegrown Qaeda cells and individuals in USA, UK, Spain, France, Germany and Denmark etc countries. For lack of space we would skip the details. However, it must be asserted that the security and intelligence services in these countries are on the toes all the time to prevent Osama carrying out conventional, biological and nuclear warfare (dirty bomb). That Al Qaeda made efforts to make toxic nerve bombs from cyanide and other compounds has been confirmed from the interrogation of Ali Saleh Kahlah Al-Marri. “Al-Marri also surfed the Internet to research cyanide gas, using software to cover his tracks, according to the document filed in federal court in Peoria, Illinois. He marked the locations of dams, waterways and tunnels in the United States in an almanac. The government claims this reflects intelligence that Al Qaeda was planning to use cyanide gas to attack those sites.” Daily Times, Pakistan, 03.05.2009.

Pakistan is a prime target of Al Qaeda. Presence of Al Qaeda adherents in Punjab and Sind has been proved beyond doubt. Some arrests made in Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala etc areas of Punjab clearly indicate the Pakistani youths are joining Al Qaeda and Taliban in large numbers. They prefer these outfits more than the Kashmir jihadists handled by the ISI, because Osama and Taliban pay them handsomely-about $100 a month, compared to average $1 income of a common Pakistani. This situation was aggravated by Yahya Al-Libi, an important Qaeda Commander, when he issued a 29-page declaration in mid-March 2009 urging: “Muslims in Pakistan, and especially their clerics, should prepare themselves and rise up to perform the duty … of fighting the Pakistani army and the rest of the apparatus that are the pillars of their tyrannical state, Al-Libi wrote, The criminals in the Pakistani government and its army have not only been a cover for the occupying crusader infidels in Afghanistan, they have directly helped them in committing all their crimes in Afghanistan and elsewhere,” he said. (Reuters datelined Dubai, Quoted in Daily Times of Pakistan on May 1, 2009).

Pakistan itself is now vulnerable to Qaeda-Taliban joint action. The Q-T leadership has attracted large number of youths from poor homes with good pay and promise of heaven in after life. Jais-e-Mohammad is a partner of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan so also is Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. There is evidence that after 26/11 about 500 active cadres of Lashkar-e-Taiba and about 600, including 100 women followers of the chief of Musharraf-stormed Lal Masjid have swelled the Qaeda rank. According to Zahid Hussain (News Line) Al Qaedaism has penetrated the Pakistani middle class. Khalid Ahmad, killer of Daniel Pearl and a 9/11 plotter is a feared name in India and Pakistan. He is now in detention.

Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan a 28 year old Karachi University engineering graduate was arrested for heading a Al Qaeda cell in Karachi and masterminding explosions. Ghailiani, arrested from Gujrat in April 2008 was the second-in-command of Khalid Ahmad. Ataur Rahman, another Karachi University graduate was arrested June 2008 for masterminding several explosions. He belonged to Islami Jammat-Talba, the student wing of Jamait-e-Islami Pakistan. Zahid Hussain says that arrests of Dr. Ajmal Waheed (JeI Pak), a cardiologist and his brother Dr. Assad Waheed (gynecologist) revealed formation of an Al Qaeda front Jundullah in Punjab and Sind. Both the brothers were trained in Afghanistan under Al Jawahiri’s supervision. Pakistan suspects existence of about 30 cells of Jundullah. In a recent development several Jundullah cells merged together to form Brigade 313. Incidentally, Indonesia has also a strong unit of Jundullah.

Other aspects that worry the world are about Al Qaeda access to Biological warfare. After storming the Tora Bora camp the US had discovered written plans for manufacturing poisonous chemicals and dirty nuclear bombs. David Eshel of Defense Update On line has offered raison d’être for new concerns about Al Qaeda and Taliban over-running the Pakistan and capturing the nuclear arsenal. Speaking recently before the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used unusually blunt language, accusing the Pakistani government of abdicating to the Taliban. “We cannot underscore enough the seriousness of the existential threat posed to the state of Pakistan by the continuing advances, now within hours of Islamabad that are being made by a loosely-confederated group of terrorists and others who are seeking the overthrow of the Pakistani state, which is, as we all know, a nuclear armed nation” Clinton warned. (Credit-Eshel).

The US intelligence alleges that the Taliban fighters are being armed with Iranian-supplied weapons. In fact the main supplier of arms to the Taliban is Iran, though Iran is a Shia country and the Talibanis are Sunni. “I have to tell the truth. It is clear to everyone that Iran is supporting the enemy of Afghanistan, the Taliban,” Colonel Rahmatullah Safi, head of border police for western Afghanistan, said. The Iranians may also have equipped the Taliban with heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles, to replace the depleting stocks of Stingers supplied by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in the 1980s, when Washington was their strategic ally in their fight against Russian expansion. Iran has a couple of strategic considerations in helping Osama and Mullah Omar. Iran has sizeable Pashtun population which clamours for unification with Afghan-Pakistan Pashtuns. Iran’s gesture keeps the discontent Pashtuns happy. There are no reports of Iran Pashtuns assisting Omar. Iran also wants to keep USA, NATO and Pakistan busy in the killing field of Afghanistan. It has latent strategic intention to amalgamate Heart region in Iran. So, the USA has a complex situation to handle; more squeeze on Iran’s nuclear ambition more arms flow to Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon. Iraq Shias are already Iran surrogates.

The other suspected source of supply of sophisticated weapons is China. It is reported that the UK has privately complained to Beijing that Chinese-made weapons are being used by the Taliban to attack British troops in Afghanistan. On several occasions Chinese arms have been recovered after attacks on British and American troops by Afghan insurgents. Afghan officials have also privately confirmed that sophisticated Chinese weapons, including HN-5 SAMs are now in the hands of the Taliban, as are anti-aircraft guns, landmines, rocket-propelled grenades and essential components used for advanced, roadside improvised explosive devices (RS/IED). The deadliest weapons known to cross the border are Iranian-made explosive shaped charges (EFP) armor-piercing explosives. China has strategic reasons to supply weapons to Taliban-Al Qaeda. The PRC wants the USA and NATO allies to be weakened in the region, spending hundreds of billions and create alarming security threat to India. India is already bogged down in Kashmir and the North East. A live western front would make China more the merrier. (Credit-BBC).

The US and allies are worried about Al Qaeda infiltrating several Pakistani nuclear scientists and stealing some of the stored armed nuclear devices. Pakistan has stores its nuclear materials at eleven different locations, following British and U.S. advice to keep the warheads separate from the triggering devices. Also, the missiles or planes that could carry the bombs are far removed from the nuclear devices. Chaklala, Sargodha, Quetta and Karachi are reported to be the primary strategic materials storage depots. In 2002 Washington supplied Pakistan ‘permissive action links’ (PAL) locks at a cost of over $100 million, to detect and alert national authorities of any attempted tampering. The claims that US are physically guarding the nuclear facilities are yet to be confirmed by Pakistan army sources. Some sensitive friends in Pakistan claim that about 8 close associated of Dr. A. Q. Khan are in touch with Al Qaeda and they have the capability of manufacturing dirty Nukes. What the world dreads is Osama may even smuggle in small nukes in USA, UK and other countries and give decisive blow to the enemies of Islam. He may have the last laugh.

Source- David Eshel

These developments and analytical conclusions indicate: 1.Afghan and Pakistan Talibans are in constant joint command drive and the Pakistan units receive arms supply from Afghan comrades. 2. Al Qaeda is in constant connectivity with the Taliban groups though they have not yet set up a joint command. 3. The emergence of Lashkar al Zill, Al Qaeda’s shadow army is nothing but a joint jihadi force which is manned by Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis, Uzbeks, Chechens and Uyghurs.

The doom lurking in India’s neighbourhood cannot be ignored with diplomatic demarche, vague and false political filibustering and total unconcern of the general Indian masses. These are no more tasty news items in print and electronic media. These threats are real and imminent. Pakistan falling in Taliban-Al Qaeda hands would mean highest level of threat to national security and defence preparedness of India. Kashmir may attain new heights of proxy-warfare. The brutal and mindboggling attack on Mumbai on 26/11 should be taken as a precursor many such attacks by Al Qaeda-Taliban-Affiliated Tanzeems.

There are proofs that some Indian Muslims have been affected by Taliban and Al Qaeda ideologies. The SIMI activists and the dormant elements of Indian Mujahideen, silent cells of Deendar Anjum and Muslim Liberation Force of Assam have tangible links with Qaeda through Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jais-e-Mohammad. The listed Bangladeshi pro-Taliban-Qaeda groups have links with the Assam groups. There are very reliable reports that Osama videos and new videos of Taliban wars in Pakistan are in selected circulation. These videos are channeled to homes in exclusive Muslim inhabited areas of India’s capital Delhi. Several websites managed by Indian Muslim Diaspora also preach Al Qaeda and Taliban messages. Indian agencies may look into these propaganda barrage that aim subverting Indian Muslims. In short, without any bias, it can be positively asserted that there are at least 90 centres where Al Qaeda-Taliban-Pakistani Tanzeem sympathizers and followers are trying to gather more like minded Muslims around them. It is no more a nucleus; it is a rolling fireball.

As we have indicated in the beginning and also in my book-Fulcrum of Evil-CIA, ISI Al Qaeda Nexus the Al Qaeda is a Frankenstein-rather FrankenSheikh that has come alive to destroy its creators. India in the flank is the most vulnerable target-as resurgent jihadist Islamicists believe in cosmic expansion of their ideology and physical occupation for re-establishment of Islam’s preponderance in India.


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