United Nations Office on Drugs recognizes Venezuela’s effort to fight against drugs

United Nations Office on Drugs recognizes Venezuela’s effort to fight against drugs

Porlamar, Sept 28. ABN.- The Regional Representative for United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Jose Manuel Martinez Morales, recognized the effort made by Venezuela on its fight against drugs.

The statements were made during the opening ceremony of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Heads of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies (HONLEA) Latin America and the Caribbean, taking place in Porlamar, Nueva Esparta state (Venezuela’s northeast).

“The biggest drug seizures seem to be concentrated in Latin America and Europe. South America seized 45% out of the world total. Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador the highest amount of seizures,” he said.

Martinez Morales stated that the last numbers collected show that about 900 tons of cocaine are produced and distributed each year.

The studies carried out in this field indicate that a great amount comes from South America towards Europe and United States.

Africa is also going through serious problems dealing with this issue. Nigeria and Gambia stand out as the countries with biggest problems on drug trafficking and consumption.

In this sense, Martinez said that “multilateral offices must assume the challenge on drug control, with a sustained effort and a better use of the resources.”

Therefore, he made a call to HONLEA participants to intensify the efforts made on the drug area.

The delegates attending to the Nineteenth Meeting of the HONLEA Latin America and the Caribbean are committed to evaluate the situation on illicit drug trafficking and consumption, so as to propose joint projects allowing to carry out effective policies.

In this sense, there will be evaluated essentially the main regional tendencies on drug trafficking and measures to control it.

The Nineteenth Meeting of the HONLEA is taking place in Nueva Esparta state with the attendance of more than 100 international delegates.


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