In case there is mass violation to human rights in Honduras, we’ll have to intervene immediately

Caracas, Sept 28 ABN.- “If there is mass violation to the human rights in Honduras, we might have to intervene in the country for the security of the population and the whole continent,” stated on Monday the General Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza.

At a press conference celebrated at the OAS seat in Washington today, Insulza stressed that he will devote to the issue of Honduras until the institutionality and democracy is carried back to the Central American country.

“I will devote to the issue of Honduras until there is democracy in Honduras. The situation calls for it because with this de facto government the peace and security in the continent are threatened.”

Moreover, he added that “There is a breaking to the constitutionality of the country and I hope we succeed by means of diplomacy so as to solve the conflict, though the de facto foreign minister has said that he does not believe in diplomacy,” Insulza stressed.

Likewise, he commented that the visit of the OAS mission will take place when the results are evident, in which the only negotiable thing is the return to the constitutionality and democracy in Honduras.

“An OAS mission means to have answers, we will not go there unless we have them,” the General Secretary said.

Furthermore, he commented that if the de facto government carries out the elections, these would not be recognized. “The elections in Honduras will not be recognized unless democracy and Zelaya are returned to Honduras.”


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