President Chavez proposes to Obama an alliance for peace

September 24, 2009 – 07:34

An alliance to promote peace was the proposal that the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, made his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama, while noting that the U.S. has a contradictory discourse.

During a meeting with labor unions of New York at the headquarters of the Permanent Mission of Venezuela to the United Nations Organization (UN), President Hugo Chávez said that his U.S. counterpart “today you talked to promote peace, but we should ask President Obama: If you promote peace by the seven military bases in Colombia, more soldiers, more weapons, more wars, why the U.S. Fourth Fleet in Caribbean waters, the waters of South America? A fleet peace? There are fleets of war. “Bases of peace? There are bases of war, fighter planes, men for war, weapons of war.”

In this respect, proposed to President Obama to work together to promote peace in the world. “Come on, Obama, to fight together against hunger, against disease, against poverty. Let come together becouse the challenge is great, as every president today told the UN meeting.

President Chavez said he wanted good relations with the government of President Obama, “but many people do not want. I want to talk and seek mechanisms for cooperation and that is the message I leave to the United States: I’m no threat to this country or I am not an enemy of this country…it is only that we have been demonized because they are afraid of democracy. We are the torchbearers of true democracy, of which Lincoln spoke, “he said.

In another issue, the Venezuelan president said the sale of heating fuel or heating oil at reduced prices, through Citgo, will remain in place and that has benefited one million 200 thousand people.

In Honduras there is a government of troglodytes

President Chavez said that the Council of Presidents of the ALBA is an entity “which gather and act rapidly” and talked about the return of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to his country.

He noted that “we have been supporting the legitimate government. Manuel Zelaya has to return to the Government. We can not accept, I must tell you: To call them putschists is too little; they are cavemen, troglodytes, primitives. The Brazilian embassy was bombed and they had killed at least three people, they are angry becouse Zelaya gave the “big surprise”. A deception operation was applied by Zelaya, he ended


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