Honduras:The march yesterday was a large mobilization, despite the violent fascist repression.

The march today, left the National Pedagogical University Francisco Morazán was a very large mobilization, more than 30mil people in the day 88 people came on foot because there was no transport and the police stopped the bus stop with people, yet arrived and the rebels disarmed, loaded with hope, dreams of freedom to join in the struggle, so we left for the city as regarnos May water, amid the embarrassment after a blade, so people bathed in heat and sweat of people, advanced to the walk-negotiated at every step with police who tried to block our path, the red building near the United Nations, despite the touch (that the insurgents were forced to “ease “by social pressure), there began the repression.

The march suffered the brunt of violence irrational fascist dictatorship appeared in the media, when the march had been on the streets and announced the crackdown, which dissolve any gathering of more than 20 people and they did later find audio of the testimonies of the moments of repression, from its inception until the chase that ensued in the streets of downtown, indiscriminate and cruel, against anything that looked like a protester, there are dozens of wounded, many with fractured by blows with metal tubes of the police, and shot and injured, who received heart attacks in the city.



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