Honduras:Immediate and unconditional return of Zelaya is required by UNASUR

The immediate and unconditional return to the constitutional power of the president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was required by all countries that form the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), as president pro tempore is currently in charge of Ecuador.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the UNASUR also voiced “deep concern at the seriousness of the situation in Honduras” and reiterates that “the return to own and peaceful means of President Manuel Zelaya, demands his immediate and unconditional return in office.

The return of President Zelaya must be in strict compliance with the constitutional mandate violently interrupted on 28 June last, “added the statement Unasu.

In the text, the subregional organization strongly condemned the military coup perpetrated in Honduras, while ma “expresses its strong desire to maintain domestic peace Honduras, based on the framework of democratic institutions and respect for the rights human “.

In that sense, it makes a call to the international human rights organizations to follow up on the civil rights situation in the Central American country, while “repudiates the use of brutal force against groups advocating a return to democratic life. ”

It Unasur deplores “the imposition of martial law, the total suspension of the rights of the Honduran people and demands respect for their freedom of expression and association.”

At the same time, the agency appealed for dialogue and national reconciliation to seek a peaceful negotiated settlement of the crisis and called on both sides of the conflict (Zelaya and the coup) to “refrain from any action that might increase the tension and violence. ”

“The Unasur demands respect for diplomatic immunity, enshrined in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations as strongly protest the deprivation of the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa for basic services,” the text.

“Member States of UNASUR are added to the request by Brazil to convene an urgent meeting of the Security Council United Nations with the purpose of reporting on the situation regarding the presence and Security” at the Embassy Zelaya Brazil, said the statement.

Unasur also expresses support for the efforts of the Organization of American States (OAS) and its Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza, “to restore constitutional order in Honduras.”

It further reiterates that “does not recognize any government that has not been legally and legitimately elected” and confirms it will not recognize “any call for elections by a government de facto.”

At the end of the text, the Union calls upon the international community to “extreme the necessary resources and take measures to ensure the return of President José Manuel Zelaya in the full exercise of their functions and the peaceful restoration of democracy in Honduras.”


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