Chavez: “I’m sure the American people will give the great battle for change and help the world

In Conversation with labor unions in New York Chavez proposed to the U.S. President to be the initiator of true change / “The only way to save the world is socialism. There is no other way,” said the Venezuelan head of state / This Thursday afternoon will provide his address to the UN

“I call upon the American people to challenge your president: You want changes in the U.S.?. Tell him I’m here, let’s change this country, and help save this world. That depends, finally, in good measure of consciousness and awakening from the American people and you, the labor leaders, workers have to play an important role. So said President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, for various American labor unions, social and religious movements, on the eve of his speech at the 64th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

The president said several ideas American labor movement, including a group incorporated as the ALBA alliance. He answered questions about the unity of peoples, and invited to Caracas to continue dialogue on the need to work together to make this planet a better world.

“There is a struggle that has to unite us all: the transformation of the world. The working class united will never be defeated,” he said, paraphrasing universal authors, during the meeting organized at the headquarters of the Diplomatic Mission of Venezuela to the UN in New York City.

“For me it’s good to talk here at the UN tomorrow …”, he said, to laughter from the workers and union leaders present. “You never know what’s going to speak there. I have no written speech,” said Chavez, the forward who does not know how long your speech, considering that President Obama consumed nearly an hour, and the president of Libya , Kadaffi, almost 2 hours, the first time the Libyan leader spoke in this scenario.

Socialism is the only way:

Returning to the topic, President Chávez noted that in the history of mankind, the fall of the Soviet Union (USSR) had blasted a socialist project was sabotaged by U.S. imperialism and the European right, because it considered that the USSR never was a threat to the world.

“The USSR fell and nobody stand alone. Because the socialism had long been lost in the USSR. But the only way to save the world, humanity, is socialism. There is no other way,” he said.

He said that after the fall of the Soviet ,forces rose with the neoliberal proposal, pushed by Washington, and assailed the people until they collapsed the capitalist model.

“Already, one hears presidents, starting with Obama, speaking of change, but how to change this world?. In the framework of capitalism is impossible,” he said.

He recalled Obama’s arrival to the U.S. presidency raised expectations very high, both at home and in the world, but the recent actions of the U.S. president with the case of the coup in Honduras, the continued military occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan , and the bases in Colombia produced a feeling that there are two different Obamas. “One, who gives very good speeches, and other, the reality, which takes decisions contradictory to his speech.”

The Venezuelan president called attention to the fact that Obama did not refer to the coup in Honduras. “He did not mention Honduras at the UN. That says a lot.”

Referring to the peace proposal given by Obama in his UN speech, Chavez said “should be asked: If you promote peace, why the 7 military bases in Colombia?. More soldiers, more guns, more war. Why the Fourth Fleet in Caribbean waters and South America?. “Peace Fleet? No: of war.” Bases of Peace?, No: of war. ”

“We really, together, to promote peace in Colombia, we will fight against hunger, against poverty. Now, the challenge is too big!” Invited.

Obama could initiate real changes in the U.S.:

The head of State considered that, despite these reasoned criticisms , Obama could become the initiator of a real inward change in U.S. .

“May God enlighten the Obama: the gods of Africa, whence his father came, his roots, the gods of this land of Geronimo, leader of the American Indians who resisted heroically here, I hope our God enlighten. Obama could be , could be!, the initiator of a process of inward change in U.S.

“But ask him to engage in the ruling ( of this country) here …”, suggested to American workers. “… And to forget the wars in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, to forget the bases in Colombia. To take home these troops in the world, and those boys and girls who die for no reason, let they come back to the U.S. to fight for health, social justice. ”

“Can Obama do it?. I do not know, but I think it depends not only on Obama,” he said.

“He will have to make a decision, because they might also try to kill him!” She warned, recalling the harsh attacks that U.S. President has received some proposals for elementary social reforms he has done. “Obama is not proposing any revolution, and yet see: how far-right attacks him… attacking him becouse he is black… and for some social security proposals,” summarized.

Given this situation, President Chavez suggested to his counterpart to call together the workers and the poor, the disadvantaged, the unemployed, to mass rallies in open spaces, mass rallies and meetings.

“Why Don´t you take the streets,Obama ?…¿ Why not call up those who have no Social Security and people, especially the poor, get out to roar?. On that depends how far you can reach as president Obama, “he predicted.

“The world began to change.! The U.S. is part of this the world and can not stay behind..join the changes for mankind and a better world. We, from Caracas, say, for Socialism, the way to save the world”.

“I’m sure the American people will give the great battle for change and help the world,” he said, anticipating that his departure from that meeting, will attend alongside the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, a special presentation of documentary Oliver Stone “South of the Border”, in a teather in New York.


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