At least four people were killed, including a boy of eight years in clashes unleashed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The peasant leader who heads the Front of Resistance Against Coup in Honduras, Rafael Alegria, told Honduran radio station Radio Globo killing two people intoxicated with tear gas used by military and police to disperse demonstrators surrounding the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where he is Zelaya since last Monday.

Also, Joy to the station confirmed the death of a union leader of the National Agrarian Institute workers shot dead.

Meanwhile, the
Zelaya spokesman Omar Palacios, confirmed the newspaper Nuevo Diario nicarangüense the death of an eight year old boy who was in a house adjacent to the Brazilian embassy, which remains surrounded by soldiers and police.

The child also died asphyxiated by tear gas used. “They attacked the house with bombs and gave them no chance to escape. There was no humanitarian consideration to remove his remains,” said Palacios.

Since the coup of 28 June to August, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, four people have been killed in protests against the new government Micheletti, which “have proliferated beatings and arrests en masse “against the opposition to it.

Amnesty International (AI) reported an increase in police beatings, mass arrests of demonstrators opposed to de facto government and intimidation of human rights activists in Honduras since the coup in June. “Many protesters” were assaulted by the police.

For its part, Zelaya said he had information that at least ten people have died nationwide in the incidents that occurred on Tuesday between supporters and police forces.

“I have information from more than ten people were asesinadasayer” Zelaya said in statements made by telephone to the media.

Source: (Radio Voice)


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