Zelaya urges Honduran people to mobilize nationwide for dialogue

Tegucigalpa, Sept 22.- This Tuesday, the President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, urged Honduran people to mobilize and demand a national dialogue, so as to solve the political crisis unleashed in the country.

“People must stand up and demand a dialogue,” he urged through statements offered to the multi-state TV channel Telesur.

From the Brazilian Embassy to Tegucigalpa, President Zelaya asked citizens to gather at his location to counter the actions carried out by the de facto Government imposed by a military coup past June 28.

Thousands of people attended to the Brazilian embassy on Monday. According to statements issued by the people’s organizations grouped in the National Front for Resistance against the Coup, the mobilization will go upward, despite the curfew imposed or street violence.

Zelaya denounced that military forces are repressing demonstrators gathering outside the embassy and they have threatened with invading the Brazilian diplomatic building to arrest the constitutional President.

According to President Zelaya, Honduras is living a dictatorship. A situation he thought it was something of the past, but fascism has returned. A dictatorship that uses weapons and violence to impose its criteria.

Zelaya stated it was sad and critical the events occurred in Honduras after the coup d’État on June 28. This situation, he said, has a negative effect on the rest of the Latin American countries, so Honduras’ President underscored the importance of fighting for democracy in Latin American.


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