UN General Assembly begins discussions with attention given to Honduras

The theme of Honduras will receive special attention in discussions of the UN General Assembly. (Photo: File)
In the list of speakers scheduled for discussions at the UN General Assembly, the name Zelaya. (Photo: File) While not confirmed the participation of the legitimate president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, the list of speakers scheduled for the afternoon session of discussions of the UN General Assembly, his name appears on the sixth turn.

Coup in Honduras
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With nearly a week of interventions president and heads of state from over 180 countries of the multilateral body, the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UNO) on Wednesday began its 64th session with the focus on developments in Honduras.
In this Central American country, the political situation is back on the table after numerous reactions from various sectors of the international community in reaction to return to Honduras in the country’s constitutional president, Manuel Zelaya, after he was expelled to Costa Rica on 28 June as part of the military coup took place against him.

While the UN General Assembly immediately passed a resolution condemning the coup coup in Honduras, the crisis in that country took on new dimensions with marked international connotation because Zelaya is housed in the Brazilian embassy in the capital Honduran military and police forces besieged coup keep diplomatic mission of the South American country.

The action of the coup forces and has earned pronouncements of presidents and heads of state that since the beginning of the week, are at the UN headquarters in New York, USA, as part of their participation in events leading up to the debates General Assembly.

Among them, the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, and his Bolivian counterpart Evo Morales and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, who have rallied against the coup-installed government proceed in Honduras, which is headed by businessman Roberto Micheletti.

Fernandez, Morales and Rodriguez have also issued statements in favor of returning to the Honduran President Zelaya and many have requested and to ensure the physical integrity of the legitimate president of Honduras, who reported the existence of a plan to assassinate him inside the embassy Brazilian Tegucigalpa.

Sample cyclical situation in Honduras is the presence of the chancellor’s cabinet Zelaya, Patricia Rhodes, at the headquarters of the world body in New York, who in a statement to the press asked the governments of other countries to send Tegucigalpa back their ambassadors, retired after the military coup.

Rhodes also confirmed that Zelaya is willing to sign the agreement called San Jose, while also seeking new creative proposals for the reintroduction of constitutional order in Honduras.

Also, reflecting the level of de facto isolation of the regime led by Micheletti on the international community, in the list of speakers for the opening day of general debate of the UN General Assembly, Zelaya appears at the head of state, the sixth hour of the afternoon session on Wednesday.


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