The voice of the South will speak to the peoples of the world. Chavez reaches N.Y. to speak at the UN

Author: UNASUR Blog 23 Sep

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, arrived on Wednesday morning to New York to attend the UN General Assembly and stressed that in his speech at the plenary of the organism “going to tell our truths.”

The president arrived at the International Airport John F. Kennedy at 01h30 local and in his first statement said fixed position on issues such as climate change buffers, the U.S. military bases in the world and the situation in Honduras.

“Governments the world have to deal with climate change,” urged the president to get off the plane and called on all leaders to “create another world, even if it costs a lot.”

Chavez made reference to the situation in Honduras and condemned the harsh repression of which has been subjected the people of that country after the arrival of the legitimate president Manuel Zelaya on Monday.

He accused the de facto government of attacking an embassy International (Brazil) with chemicals, violating all international treaties.

“This is a government that attacks with combs and chemicals against a foreign embassy territory, which respects nothing, are plotters of the bourgeoisie” he said.

He said there are credible military in Honduras that are against the aggressions against citizens who on Tuesday left more than 20 injured and 300 arrested.

Regarding what is expected in the UN Assembly, said the presidents “we come with that spirit for peace and welfare for the pueblso.

“Hopefully that will end to war, the bombs are gone, hopefully we produce medicines for wellness,” Chavez asked.

President Chavez made his speech on Thursday afternoon, as confirmed new agenda, as amended because it was not confirmed attendance of the representative


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