The repression was extended last night into the barrios of Tegucigalpa,Honduras

September 22, 2009 .- In telephone from Tegucigalpa, Pereira would say the international commission of the National Front Against the Coup in Honduras told us that “the repression has been extended to the barrios and colonias of Tegucigalpa and other parts of the country. There was repression in the neighborhood of La Cañada, which is just a colony of teachers, where they are raiding homes. Also suppressed the colony Cerro del Picacho, among others. They are throwing tear gas bombs and raiding houses and, obviously, this has greatly affected the population. ”

According to the information handled by Pereira, “is spoken of more than 2000 people who are detained at a checkpoint. There is also talk of around 150 detainees in Tegucigalpa and 50 in San Pedro Sula. ”

In view of this “excessive repression, the National Front will meet during the day and take some positions,” added Pereira.

“The fear that exists is that the Brazilian embassy attack” since the two adjoining houses on either side of the embassy has been raided. “They probably want to assassinate President Mel Zelaya” I think Pereira, “but all this falls on speculation.”

According to a statement posted on the front page of the National Counter-Strike in Honduras at 11am, it is calling “all the resistance …. To a peaceful demonstration tomorrow Wednesday 23 at 8:00 versus Pedagogical University Francisco Morazán. ”


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