The people is in insurrection in Honduras. Today 23th the decisive battle will be on the streets.

In Front of the complaint made by the President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya on the conspiracy of the coup leaders to storm the Embassy of Brazil at 11:00 pm local time to kill him, “the decision is that we all will struggle with everything.”

So said Ricardo Arturo Salgado, social researcher active in the resistance and regular contributor Honduran Aporrea, via telephone from Tegucigalpa, who informed us about the situation of insurrection that is living at this hour in Honduras.

“There is a backlash of resistance in many areas of Tegucigalpa in what we call Dire districts and colonies that are about 15-20 highly populated neighborhoods who frankly are in full insurrection against the police fighting against the army and even against paramilitaries, we have evidence that paramilitaries are engaged in fighting in the streets in some of the colonies. ”

He added that “The police are trying to retake positions but the insurrection of the people is in places far apart geographically one of the other. In general we can say is that there is a situation of insurrection, with the advantage at this point that the police helicopter fired on people today can not go out at night. ”

On the critical situation in Tegucigalpa, said “all the shops are closed and there are shortages of food, medicine and any time it might happen looting of shops, because people are moving into despair.”

“Moreover, it appears that although there is no news about it so abundant in the interior of the country there are strong protests insurrectional into smaller areas. This has to do with the tactics of isolated concentrations of the marches, but tomorrow we are calling on everyone to march. ”

“People have taken the decision to resist spontaneously and the line gave the Front was, for today had to endure in places where they live.”
We confirmed that the National Front Against the Coup in Honduras is planned for tomorrow, Wednesday, a march that started the 8 am in the Pedagogical University Francisco Morazán.

In closing, said he wanted to reiterate that “there is a plan that has blackouts at 11 at night, even the coup plotters have doctors to raise the medical report of the killings that are planned.”

So made the call to all the alternative media is to join the campaign to denounce the coup plot have for tonight.


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