!! POPULAR UPRISING IN HONDURAS! Today the 23th is a decisive day for the democracy in Latin America

Posted in Blogroll on September 23, 2009
The tribal people of the capital, stigmatized by the sign that the alleged indifference to his country, has taken to the streets in defiance of all prudence would suggest that if there are threats of death (literal, as the army moved in sound trucks threatening death to anyone who came out to the street) all indicate that people stay in their homes … but no.

The people of the old town Laurel Way, Col. Kennedy, Col. Los Pinos, Col. Villanueva, The Deal, Col Manche, Col 21 February; Col. El Pedregal, Barrio El Bosque, Col El Picachito; Col Cerro Grande Col Glen; Col Victor F. Ardon; Calpules, La Vega, Cerro Grande, America West Center, The Picachito, Los Jucos, the Morazán and increasingly settlers, settlers, simple people of the streets has left their homes to fight house to house, to control their neighborhoods and take the police and army from their places.
The organization goes from spontaneity to systemic resistance is taken body and more and more people incorporated themselves, angry voices are raised, fists, wills turned into anger in people’s power, in need of change beyond the so-called return to constitutional government, the struggle is growing stronger by the National Constituent Assembly, while the anger grows when we learn that follows the curfew-state of siege “that seeks captured in our homes and neighborhoods … The people have said NO, but it goes to prove without a doubt.
black hands Never cracks!


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