Popular Uprising in Honduras: Barrios, colonies, villages and hamlets are fighting back the repression forces of the dictatorship. Micheletti confronts a popular rebellion

Honduran News Networks- RHN. Tegucigalpa, Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009, 18:30 (2.30 AM CET) .- The de facto regime Micheletti – Vasquez Velasquez is in deep trouble to control the popular uprising sparked by the repression of its military and police forces to leave the streets adjacent to the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

At different points in the capital, residents took to the streets to protest against the repression of girls and women who slept in the streets near the Brazilian diplomatic mission to protect the constitutional President of the Republic José Manuel Zelaya Rosales who takes refuge there since Monday 21 September yesterday after circumvent the services of “intelligence” of the Armed Forces of Honduras.

The military-police siege has not stopped members of the Resistance Front against the coup Divanna the Torocagua, Herd of Amid, San Francisco, the Kennedy Calpules, Las Vega, El Pedregal, Cerro Grande The West Central America, El Picachito, Los Jucos, the Morazán and many neighborhoods and colonies have revolted and are being redesigned for larger shares tomorrow.

Despite the shooting of National Police officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Honduras residents of different neighborhoods and colonias of Tegucigalpa able to confront repression and fight them back. Youth and women are still making history and learning the best kind of national reality that no university can provide.

The names of neighborhoods and neighborhoods that resist the usurpers were embodied in the memory of future generations and the example of young people and women of the Resistance not ever be forgotten.

Actions similar to those experienced in Tegucigalpa Honduras live in and conduct all Hondurans are similar everywhere: Resist to throw out the civil and military dictatorship presiding Roberto Micheletti and Romeo Vasquez Velasquez. (EMC)


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