OAS resolution must include people’s right to call for a Constituent Assembly in Honduras

Caracas, Sept 21.- The Embassador of Honduras to Venezuela, German Espinal, considers that it is necessary that the resolution issued by the Organization of American States (OAS) includes the constitutional benefit Honduran people have of calling a Constituent Assembly.

The statements were made on Monday during an interview at the TV show Dando y Dando, broadcast by the Venezuelan state-run channel Venezolana de Television, in the occasion of the return of the legitimate President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, to his country after almost three months due to a military coup.

“The OAS resolution apart from demanding the restitution of the President, the reconstruction of democracy and Zelaya’s integrity, it should add the social demands of the Honduran people, which started with all these issue: the Constituent,” said Espinal making reference to the results of the extraordinary meeting of the OAS.

Likewise, he said he agrees that the San Jose Agreement should be signed, because it would give a fair result for both parties in the conflict, putschists and Zelaya.

“International community has an opportunity to create a suitable environment; thus, Honduras could have a satisfactory and transparent process, helping to go out from this crisis despite pressures put by groups of power,” he added.

In this sense, Espinal said that the OAS has the opportunity to vindicate itself if the Organization “can bring both parties to a negotiation table and reach fair results for Honduran people.”


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