Micheletti ought to leave the country immediately, Daza says

Sept 22 – Honduras’ dictator Roberto Micheletti ought to leave the country immediately, since the return of President Manuel Zelaya and the pressure of the people have placed the situation in decisive terms in order to restore the democracy and the rule of law in the Central American country.

The statement was issued on Tuesday by the president of the Foreign Policy Permanent Commission of the Venezuelan Parliament, Deputy Roy Daza, who expressed that the popular resistance has cornered and isolated “a government that has not been able to rule the Central American country not even one day since it dictatorially took office last June 28.”

Zelaya’s arrival puts the situation in the field of political and juridical need, so that the dictator Roberto Micheletti abandons right now the country or is subdued by the security forces of the State.

Moreover, he added that the one who performs his duties right now in the Honduran territory is the legitimate and constitutional president of that nation, Manuel Zelaya.

According to Daza, it is essential to start a talk with the different sectors upon the base of a national re-encounter, an understanding, as long as dictator Micheletti and his group of minions abandon the country.

Regarding the international participation so as to find a solution to the conflict, the Venezuelan Deputy expressed that the Organization of American States (OAS) made the declaration it had to.

According to him, the OAS Secretary Jose Miguel Insulza reaffirmed the stance of such institution and that the United Nations Organization should pronounce as well about the matter.

“The international community does not recognize the de facto government, but President Manuel Zelaya. It is the Honduran people who today place the situation in decisive terms in order to restore the democracy and the rule of law in Honduras.”

Likewise, the lawgiver recalled that the Latin American presidents, among them Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Brazil’s Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, have maintained a fair and correct decision with regards to the situation in Honduras.

“All of them have maintained solidarity with Zelaya and the fact that he has returned to Honduras is an irrefutable evidence of that solidarity.”

Furthermore, Daza informed that groups inclined to the dictator have repressed and even shot most inconsiderately against the Brazilian Embassy to Tegucigalpa, where Zelaya is with his family and some collaborators.

“They have launched an intense repression against the Honduran people and they have extended the curfew up to 6 in the afternoon; it is to say, they have turn it permanent. But people have broken it and they continue in the streets.”


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