Honduras:Continuing the insurrection in Tegucigalpa! The gangs are going to defend the people, they said

Reports From Radio Liberated!

Audios, Honduras in the colonies, the Bellavista (where we reported 6 dead members of the resistance – we have no-names) and Ramón Amaya Amador, which reports an agreement between the gangs to defend the people, and warned the army not to try to enter , people have fallen there since pauperized centers, from the hills of poverty, from hunger, from the harsh life of unemployment and siege … the wretched of the earth out of the shadows and make the light, the light of the dignity of the people from the absolute oppression, marginalization because there is no harder and more cruel than being poor and being female, we do get these testimonies the passage of people from their worthy women from the feminist resistance in the wild, their neighborhoods, their colonies, their houses, surrounded by his people and they call for insurrection, the levantameinto, international solidarity, support to combat hunger, deprivation, also downtown, in the Buenos Aires, reported wounded and street fighting for control of the city, yes, yes, yes … Tegucigalpa stands worthy of their children to fend for itself!


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