Honduras:Honduran resistance Announces march in the capital today 23th

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 07:37
The National Front against Honduras coup today announced the completion of a march in the capital, amid a tense atmosphere compounded by the harsh repression of opponents.

The alliance of popular forces made the call last Tuesday in a statement in which he urged people to continue resistance in their own communities because of the curfew imposed by the de facto government, reports Prensa Latina.
This event will be the first by the presence in the country’s constitutional president, Manuel Zelaya, since his overthrow by the military coup of June 28 last, when he was forcibly transferred to Costa Rica.

Zelaya returned unexpectedly to Tegucigalpa on Monday, and from the Brazilian embassy, where he is called to begin a process of dialogue for a peaceful solution to the crisis triggered by the coup.

Thousands of people gathered early near the embassy, where they were evicted at dawn Tuesday by hundreds of soldiers and policemen backed by armored throwing jets of irritants.

The Front called on its members to maintain the resistance in villages, districts, settlements, municipalities, not far from their homes, making it difficult for repressive actions.

The de facto government imposed the curfew last Monday afternoon and again last night I lasted until 18:00 local time today.


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