Urgent!! Urgent!! Honduras: army and police repression against Brazil Embassy

Tuesday September 22, 2009 06:58

Honduran Red News – RHN. Tegucigalpa, Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 .- At approximately 5:30 am today the National Police supported by members of the Armed Forces of Honduras (Army, Navy and Air Force) stormed the streets adjacent to the Embassy Brazil to violently evict the members of the Resistance who remained awake to protect the President of the Republic of Honduras, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, who took refuge in the embassy since yesterday.

Until this morning, when at 6:00 am, reported several bullet wounds and are still heard shots nourished firearms of the repressive forces of the de facto regime to evict the protesters from the Resistance.

Communications redientes with Israel Salinas, a member of the leadership of the National Front of Resistance against the coup, which last night left the comfort of the embassy to remain in the street with members of the Resistance, told this correspondent the suppression of the forces Police and the Army to use tanks, heavy weapons and tear gas. Salinas left the area walking to the embassy to coordinate with the rest of his teammates to take actions to cope with the new situation created by market forces supporting the coup.

In the sky of the capital helicopteritos well hear the military and the police to fly in an attempt to monitor the movement of demonstrators in the Resistance, lie in the street youth face stones with the police and heavily armed military rely on a tank that sprays water with chemicals that produce skin burn.

At the Embassy of Brazil remains the President of Honduras, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, with his wife, children and young granddaughter and several members of the security team of the Resistance to protect you from the neighboring houses and took refuge in it when will start the police and military assault.

Yesterday, Roberto Michelety (Gorilety), the figurehead of the de facto regime in its last television appearance to respond to the presence of Zelaya Rosales of Honduras appeared surrounded by military and private members supporting him in this adventure coup, which would be the who decided the actions that have caused several wounded today in the capital.

Since yesterday it was decreed an illegal curfew by the de facto military regime took control of the facilities of the National Electricity Company (ENEE) and cut electricity in circuits that provide service in the area where it is located Embassy of Brazil that had to resort to its own plant to avoid being in the dark.

Radio Globo and Channel 36, means that oppose the de facto regime, remain off the air and you can not receive independent of what happens in the vicinity of Palmyra neighborhood where the embassy is located in Brazil. (EMC)


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